Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Totally Homemade Christmas

Years ago, I would get together with my good friend Tori, and on the phone with my sister Eliza, and we'd talk about the cutest homemade stuff we'd seen in the last few weeks or so. Back then, we had lots of Christmas/Holiday craft stuff to do at church during the year so that always helped. Like minds working together to make our homes more fun and always a gift ideas for friends would be the main event.

These days, with more kids, more states between us, and more time spent on soccer practices and games, homework, part time jobs, teenage drama and baby drama too (at least in MY house, bless my soul), making things by hand has to be scheduled in. Finding time and sharing ideas has become more of a luxury. Blogs have helped me to keep up my ideas, and boy, they never cease to inspire me.

(look at that cute as heck pie that's made in a tiny mason jar!)

In the past I've made gifts totally by hand. Sometimes, this was in the form of a blanket or a quilt, movie buckets that held candy and popcorn and coupons for movie rentals etc....and you get the idea.

So I'm doing this again. I've got ideas that I've found around the internet, tweaked by my own crazy brain, and some things I'll be making I just came up with on my own. I hope they're enjoyed, and I always hope that my loved ones realize how much thought and care goes into it. It's so easy to buy something, but I will make every gift by hand, and each one will be different.

Ambitious? Yes. Fun? Yes. Worth every tantrum and whine to Mike about how "this looks so stupid! They're going to hate this!"? Yes. I think.

Anyone have any plans to do the same? Ideas? Favorite blogs that inspire you? Share! Leave a comment! I wanna see what you're seeing!