Wednesday, September 15, 2010

teeny tiny, shiny, sweet, felty, pretty fun little things!

I find myself in love quite often. I'll be walking down the street in Salt Lake City and see a little shop of antiques or consignments and I'll see a little green chair and I fall in love. We'll be in a book store on the coast in Santa Barbara and there will be a children's book from the 50's that explained the main differences between a boy and a girl and it will be excruciating for me to not buy it! (I have enough books for forty five people) Point is, I fall in love with cute little things. The internet has only worsened my love affair by making said "window shopping" possible not only with a quick click of the mouse, but I can do it in my jammies while eating a peach with a knife in my bed. (like I'm doing right now)

Today, I found this:

It's a teapot charm! Could you just DIE?!  I saw it on this etsy shop today and seriously, I gasped. I am in love. Honestly, is there anything cuter than a tiny porcelain creamer charm?  I can't even STAND it.

And then I came across these:

Those my friends, are shortbread button cookies. They're from here, who borrowed the idea from Eva Juliet (another Etsy gal I adore). (click the links!)

My sister Eliza and I both (I think she's worse than me though) stalk a ton of bloggers who do home decorating projects that cost next to nothing. If you haven't seen, Eliza and her hubby recently re-modeled their laundry room after she'd caught an idea from a crafty blogger. I think Eliza's turned out better than the other girls' did!  Go see Eliza's laundry room here! (clickity click!)

Since Lola will be pulling herself up to everything if not walking by Christmas, I've been fretting over what kind of ornaments to use. We have a lot of glass and breakable things, a lot of wiry dangerous pretty things but I was hoping to find a really cool way to incorporate my love for all things "birdie!" and felt. Here's what I discovered:

You guys, look at their little beaded feet!  Stop it right now!!!  I am making these. Like, this weekend.  Oh and I got the idea from here! (click-away!)

Anyway. such is my love affair. I have a husband who is patient and lets me ramble on and on about things and these things are some of the things he lets me ramble on about. Things. Little handmade or sweet things. At least it's free to window shop right?

UPDATE!!!  Look at all the awesomeness on this lady's etsy!  I want EVERYTHING. The end.


Eliza said...

Thanks for the shout out! And yes...I'm obsessed.

Alli Easley said...

You're one crafty lady! I wish I owned this house, I'd do so much with it! And yes, you are obsessed, but it's fantastic. You do good.

Dani said...

Okay, thanks for feeding MY obsession and giving me one more blog to follow - what's the count now, up to 25? Oh probably :D

LOVE. The birds - so cute! We should have a "supahhh Saturday" and craft them togezzzza. That would be the best. EVAAHHH! Oh to live closer.