Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Just Glad He's Mine, and Mine Alone

Mike's 33rd birthday was yesterday. Actually, it ended an hour and 14 minutes ago. He's sleeping soundly behind me, in clean new sheets, his favorite. This is the 3rd night in as many days that we've had "fresh from the dryer" sheets. Why you might ask?

Harper is sick. Harper stayed up the other night in a weird kind of dreamy state, crying for no reason, totally inconsolable til 3 am.

I told Mike "get a bucket really quick while I hold him, he's going to throw up."

"No. He's not. He'll go back to sleep."

3 minutes later?  Throwing up in bed.

I gave Harper a bath which made him feel tons better, but it was 4 a.m., and he made me sit on the skinny, hard edge of the bath with my feet in with his body so he wouldn't be scared. There we sat, Harper finally happy, talking about video games and he made me tell him funny stories about when he was a baby and he tried to eat his cousin Dylan at the beach. He laughed so hard it echoed through the entire upstairs of the house.

Out of the bath he came, wrapped up in a towel, and Mike had put new sheets on. Fantastic!

The next night, Harper's in our room, laying on the bed. Not like himself. Finally, out of nowhere, he throws up again.

Rinse and repeat, except for this time, it was only 7 p.m.  Thank goodness.

This afternoon. Harper on our bed asleep. Out of nowhere, he wakes up and looks at me with a terrified face.  "Mom. I fart-pooped."

Yep. He did. All over our new sheets and the down comforter we'd gotten out that day. (It's cool at night. That means cool white down comforter weather!!!)  Wash, rinse and repeat once again.

So much for a fun birthday today. Mike had naps, we had good food, we watched tv and did the normal Sunday stuff.  He's such a good sport. He got calls from loved ones for his special day and it couldn't have been more peaceful.

I love this man of mine. He's the best dad, the best husband, the best friend I have ever had. Ever.

Oh and speaking of best husband, tonight we watched the premier of TLC's "Sister Wives". Uh, they live in my small town of Lehi. They actually have 3 wives, 13+ kids, and are taking on a 4th. I think this was filmed last year, so now they must already be married.

Anyway, I went into watching it thinking I'd be disgusted and judge them. The people who live polygamy these days just raise questions for my friends and colleagues who know I'm LDS, and who also think that we practice polygamy, or that these polygamists are Mormon too. Well, the people on the show made it perfectly clear that they're NOT Mormon, that the Mormon church does NOT practice polygamy, and with that, I started to really enjoy the show.

Can anyone say "new addiction"?  It's really good. I know it's illegal to live it, and they're sure to be busted now that the proverbial "Cat is out of the bag", but for what it's worth, I think they run a great household.

I know I couldn't do it.

Mike said tonight it would be too much pressure, too many families to take care of. I agree with him, except, I couldn't share Mike with anyone. Not for a second.

Boy I'm glad I'm not a sister wife.  Mercy.


@emllewellyn said...

Holler on the not sharing. I couldn't do it. I couldn't possibly do it. You know how they say that we live in "these times" because people who came before us couldn't do it? Nope. I live in "these times" because I couldn't possibly have lived back then. I don't do well with sharing.

Maggie May said...

could not would not with a wife could not would not for my life!

Alli Easley said...

Em! I agree with you a billion percent. Man oh man do I ever.

Maggie, clever! And that just might be my new tattoo.