Monday, May 19, 2008

I Would Totally Eat This

Marinis, a candy shop in Santa Cruz, CA sells it.

I know I first glance, you gag a bit, but then think about'd eat chocolate pancakes or muffins and then take a bite of bacon, am I right?

...that's what I thought.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

sorry I haven't posted in a while, I think I'm taking a break for a little while. We'll see. Anyway I'll update when I have things to say.

Oh and click HERE to see pics from Disneyland 2 weeks ago.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Galinda...With A "Guh"

Guess what. I have the bombest friends and family evah. Let me tell you why. Last Tuesday, two of my girlfriends here in Yucaipa, Aimee and Kristen picked me and my girls up and we were told we were doing something for my birthday...annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd guess where we went:

That's RIGHT, mah babies!!! We went to L.A. to Pantages Theater to see WICKED!!! I almost threw up all over myself. Anyway, first we got there and met with Eliza, Ashley, Mandy and Shauna Rae, and then we all 9 girls walked down to eat at this cute little sandwich shop tucked in an alleyway right off of Hollywood Blvd. People, it was so fun! Anyway, at around 7:30 we walked back to the theater in the coolest breeze I'd felt all week. As soon as we got to our seats, I just about died. If you haven't been to Pantages, you're missing out. Outside is the typical Hollywood/LA stone walls, but inside is the most ornate woodwork you've ever seen. Anyway, the set was amazing as was to be expected, the music was incredible, the seats were fantastic and Megan Hilty who played Glinda that night was so stinkin funny I was dying. Aimee said she and Kristen were crying just from hearing me laugh at Galinda/Glinda! I need to tell you, I love me some Kristen Chenowith (who is on the soundtrack/the original broadway player) but Megan also was on broadway, and now she plays here in LA. She is so freakin hilarious. Her comedic timing was so "on"...I wish she was my ringtone.

Ok so here's my favorite scene with her that somebody recorded (OoOoO! No cameras allowed!) and I'm glad they did. Observe and enjoy:

and here are Megan Hilty's best moments!!!

Oh and thanks so much to Amber for watching Harper so I could go! I am so blessed with so many good friends. Love you guys!