Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Guess what...I have a huge forehead. I got it from my mom who got it from her mom and so on and so forth. Most of my children also got said forehead as well and well, let's just say there's a cowlick that is at the top of the forehead that makes it almost impossible for me to have bangs that lie down.

Oh how I've been so jealous of my sister Eliza who can have cute straight-across-the-eyebrows bangs. I have tried and tried, but my dumb cowlick makes it so I always get the side swoopy thing.

Anyway, I have long hair right now. It's about to my waist in the back and I'm starting to feel like Crystal Gayle. Not good. I need a change. I think I need bangs. (oh and by the way, I pronounce it like "bongs" in case you were wondering. Sounds way fancier)

So tell bangs or not to bangs??  That REALLY is the question..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well Whaddya Know...

This thing is still here?  Awesome.

In the last what, 4 months(?) I've done a ton of things. The best one of those things is new baby Oskar. Another one of those thing is court. Some of these things were good, and some were bad, but for the most part, I'm still here and breathing.

I've come to realize a few things about myself. I am one of those people who comes off as an extrovert, which I am. I am always talking to people, when in a crowd I seem to have a way of making myself around it and meeting everyone there. I can't go to the store without leaving as a best friend to the check out girl/boy. I'm a talker. I was blessed with the gift of gab. I am not shy.

When I stress out though, when situations cause me to fall to my knees, hands clasped and knuckles white pressed against my forehead, I turn into a hobbit. My neighbors can attest to this. I think they've figured out my moods just by watching my door.

Lately, and I mean the last 4 months, it's been bad. I've had to force myself out to the store, to the post office. I'm on my knees in prayer, pleading for a moment of relief for sometimes hours every day. I pray in the car, I'm praying when I stare outside at the mountains from my room, I'm what you might call "introverted by stress".

I've taken to running through my blessings when I find myself unable to get out of bed. My kids keep me on my toes and it's all I can do just to keep up with them. And then I have to work! It's almost impossible for me to get everything done and I get so overwhelmed.

Know what I need?  Really, do you know what I really need?  A trip to Hawaii?  A billion dollars? A new car?  Sure, all of this would be nice but let's keep it real. I just want all my laundry done and my house cleaned all the way. Not just picked up like my kids and I do every day, but CLEANED. It's impossible I think. So I fret.

School starts in 2 weeks.  Let's see if that helps.

Oh Oskar...thank goodness you're here. I sure love this baby.