Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Going To San Diego

Mike and I are on our way to San Diego to help Taylor and Mandy. Dylan is in the hospital, and mom can fill you in on the details of why, but I just wanted everyone to keep them all in your prayers. Tay's still going to school, but all 4 of them need your prayers today. Thanks guys, love you all.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our sweet prophet Gordon B. Hinckley died today. Eliza just called me to give me the news, and while I'm saddened, she reminded me that he's with his sweet Marjorie now. He will be missed. I will blog more about him tomorrow when I've had a minute to think.

On another note, if anyone is interested, or knows anyone who is in the market for a pro-sumer Canon digital camera plus all the lenses and stuff that goes along with it, let me know. I'll include all my backdrops, lights, stand lights, flash, memory card, 3 lenses (one we payed $600 for last summer) and camera bag. If you're interested or know somebody who is, have them call me or email me ASAP. I need to have this done by Thursday. Thanks guys.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Are You Ready To Tear Your Eyes Out Due To Extreme Cuteness?

Ok so check out this two minute short video of baby (click) "Flocke" at the Nuremberg Zoo. Ho-ly crap this is the cutest thing in the world, especially the dreaming, the leg stretching as she woke up. I don't give a flying stinky crap if she could eat us all, I still want her. She should wear a big belt buckle...that's what my uncle Kool Aid does!

Chickity check it yo:

That birds trying to buy a stereo with my credit card!

peace ouuuuuuuuuuut.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweet Jeeblitz, What An Awesome Trick

So Harper slides down the stairs, feet first, stiff as a board, on his stomach. Mandy and Taylor thought this was hilarious when they were here a few weeks ago so apparently after they left our house, they went home and tried it for themselves. When we got to their house today, Mandy informed me that it indeed was the fastest way to slide down the stairs, and that she'd tried it many many times on her own. I asked for a demonstration. This is what followed...(click the picture below to watch the demo. Click back when you're done) you can imagine...we all laughed til we threw up all over ourselves. Take notice of my brother, at the top of the stairs....fists raised and pumping in the air with pride over the phenomenon that is his wife.

I love my family. My sister in law is a freakin super hero. Seriously.

Crawling Out Of Sickness After A Week+ Of 24/7 Vomit

First of all, last friday was (click) Kjersten's 37th birthday! Happy Birthday you cute little tart! I love you!

Anyway, today didn't start off as nicely as it could have since Mike didn't get the day off from the newspaper. You'd think because he's 1/2 black, they would have been all over it, giving him the day off and celebrating for him and being obnoxiously careful about how they treated him today. I'm kidding. Seriously though, all of his paid holidays are at the latter end of the calendar year. Grrr... At least I get him this Thursday. He and I are going to (click) MOCA in LA for the Murakami exhibit. (museum of contemporary art) It's so nice to have similar interests with your spouse. That's sexy to me. Yeehaw! Anyway, enough about that. So yesterday Mike had his last temple prep class, which guessed it! He'll be taking out his own endowments on the 9th of Feb. We've waited so long for this, but he wanted to do it on his own time, when he was ready for it and had studied all of it. He's like that, and I totally respect him for it. I know he's not doing it for me. He's such a rockstar.

So today, Mandy and Taylor called and mentioned that they were going to come up and spend the night last night but they forgot about something they were doing this morning there in San Diego, so we have decided that we're going down there today. I hope to take some awesome pictures since um...yeah San Diego pretty much is the most photogenic place in the world. We're also bringing Rockband because my brother...well...let's just say he deserves to play all day today. He works so hard at law school, and he's an awesome dude and we just love his butt off, so we're hoping to battle him all afternoon. I'm going to be the singer because Mike had to work, and also because Mandy likes to rock the bass. Also because I'm the best singer in the whole wide world.

OH! And (click) Mandi Johnson found my blog! I'm so stoked! I love you Amanda, and come visit us! K now everyone go say hi!

K, I'll see ya'll later! peace out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Disneyland Again?!?!?

First of all...HaPPy BIrThDAy ASHLEY! You're OLD! YAY! Now everybody watch these 20 second clips about Ashley's birthday!

Then of all, last Friday morning, Tiffany, Harper, Jonah and Casey and I met Taylor, Mandy and the boys at Disneyland. We got there later than they did, but they left at like...sunrise. We'd been there on Monday, so we weren't in as much of a hurry. Anyway, we had the best time with them, and it's so fun to see the boy cousins hang out and play with eachother. We rode on all the regular rides and a few of them we went on twice. Small World Holiday was one of the repeats, but we have to get our Small World on before it closes for a YEAR for repairs and updates.

Anyway, when we were at California's Adventure, me and a few of the other kids were getting off Screamin', and Taylor told me to go over by the carrousel with my camera. As soon as I got right up there, Melissa Joan Hart was standing there strapping her 2 or 3 year old boy into a stroller, her pregnant belly hanging out. I didn't want to be a pest, so I pretended to be taking a picture of the ride, and the picture below of the blurry lady? That's her.

So anyway, the pictures below are of all of our adventures that day, and the one with my boys in it are pre-haircut. Grandpa John came on Saturday with Nana to ordain Mike, and he took them to get a haircut the second he basically walked in the door. It's becoming quite a tradition! I love it! Works for me! Also, there's a picture of Harper, Derek, Dylan and Tiff by the Tower of Terror, running around the streets like a gang. It was awesome. Tay and Mandy were on the ride and Tiff and I chased the boys around while they ran free like animals. It was sweet. I wish we would have given them little switchblades and leather jackets. Awesome.

Anyway, we had a really good time, and I'm hoping we can go back next week one last time before they close Small World...I'll report back later. I need to go lay down, I'm freakin sick. Stomach flu yo. Ugh. Peace out, ya bumheads.

(don't forget to click, and click again to see them better)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Kinghams

so far... (click once, then once again to see full size)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!!! For Kj or whomever is interested. On Cartoon Network at 12:15 am on Monday mornings (also Sunday night for us since we are up late)



peace out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A 22 Second Tip, To Help You Stay In School!

Too Many To Count

So Miss Emily and I were chatting this morning and we decided that between the two of us, we had a zillion boyfriends. Somehow we decided to make eachother a list of them and today while I was at the Disneyland I made this semi-complete list for her (in no particular order):

Justin Timberlake
Gael Garcia Bernal
RUFUS WAINWRIGHT!!! (gay? who cares)
Eric Dane
Tiger Woods
Jason Statham
Chuck Palahniuk
John C. Reilly
Edward Norton
Joel McHale
Jason Schwartzman
George Clooney
Johnny Depp
LL Cool J
Daniel Craig
Joaquin Phoenix
Dave Navaro
Chris Cornell
Eddie Vedder
Kurt Cobain
Zach Braff
John Krasinski
Tim Heidecker
Eric Wareheim
John McCrea
Vince DiFiore
Xan McCurdy
Gabe Nelson
Paulo Baldi
Jason Lee
Michael Cera
Jason Bateman
Jared Leto
Brian Littrell
Jamie Oliver
Brad Pitt (ohhhhh especially in Fight Club oh my goodness)
James Marsden
Eric Mabius
Harrison Ford (as Indie)
John Travolta (in Grease, but not really since, well actually in Phenomenon a bit maybe)
Paul Walker (only for looks)
Josh Holloway
Ming Tsai
Ben Harper
Ian Somerhalder
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Tom Welling
Anderson Cooper
Seth Rogan
Tyson Beckford
Clive Owen
Peter Sarsgaard
Josh Duhamel
Jensen Ackles
BJ Novak
Bobby Flay
Rick Schroeder
Adam Levine
Gary Dourdan
Giovanni Ribisi
Will Arnett
Billy Crudup
Leonardo DiCaprio
Mark Ruffalo
Sam Rockwell
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mark Wahlberg
John Cusack
Paul Rudd
Daniel Dae Kim
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Matthew Fox
Eric Bana
Antonio Banderas (in the Rodriguez films like Desperado/Once Upon A Time In Mexico etc.)
Orlando Bloom
Jared Padalecki
Mark-Paul Gosselaar (only in this weird dream)
Wentworth Miller (only when he's in jail)

Ok so I know what you're thinking, yeah yeah she has a lot of boyfriends, but let me tell you, Em, this isn't the complete list. This is just the few I could come up with off the top of my head. Like we discussed earlier, I'm lucky enough to have the best husband who thinks it's rad that I have so many boyfriends since he gets to be the King of Boyfriends. I must say some of these boys are only my boyfriends when they're playing certain characters, and some of them are musicians who I adore entirely, and some are just weird...but hey, that's how I roll. Also, I will probably add to this, and sometimes I break up with boys and then I'll just let you know when that happens. My days are dramatic and I juggle my love for all of these boys but somehow I still have love for more...that's just how big my heart is people.

Ok, so I'll post pics later Em, but until then, chew on this list yo. Peace out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ah...A New Year

My children are all gone for 2 days. My sister-in-law Amy took the 4 oldest to her house for a few days and to Knott's Berry Farm for their Christmas present from her, and my inlaws took little Harper this morning. I'm sitting here working today and when Mike gets home tonight we're going on a date. A real date. With no strings attached (kids to deal with when they call our cell 35235234 times during dinner etc.). What the heck are we going to do?!? Ideas?!?

I went to Vegas last week for a few days to do a photo shoot and to get some legal stuff rolling again and can I just tell you that Vegas cold is so different than California cold? It's like, dry and bitter there, whereas here it's more humid, but less biting. I don't miss the windy cold from the Vegas Valley, but I sure do miss my family. I had such a good time laughing and playing with Ashley and Taylor and Mandy and the boys, and the night when all the cousins came over, well that was just plain old fun. I love this family.

Also, I need to make $500 so I can go to Kristen's wedding in February. Who wants to buy a kidney? Anyone? Anyone?