Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bowties And Beets Yay!

I've decided that wearing a bow tie would be sweet. An old man walked into the office of the guy who's office is next to mine earlier today and shouted "So, why are they giving you crap over my job? Is it because I'm a bean farmer and we can't prove my worth?" Um, what? So anyway, he wore a bow tie and had on the most deliciously ancient suit. He was also sporting the biggest moustache I'd ever seen...he rocked my world, to be honest.

I've been thinking about it since...I want to wear a bowtie. And get away with it. I'd also like a can of pickled beets about now, but I'm broke like brokeback.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Youze/You Guys/Y'all

I'm having a perfectly rational and very comfortable email party with 3 friends from across the US. They're in the "new" states, which really are the "old" New I mean New Jersey/York and such but now that I think of it, they're really some of the "first" states so WTF? We should rename them. But I digress.

Do you sign sympathy cards for people you don't know at work? If so why, and if not, why not?

The girlfriend in said email party, we'll let her remain nameless at this point, she sucessfully declined signing a sympathy card for someone she didn't know today. Her email to us was full of concern that said person the card was for may or may not be offended although she was fairly certain they'd never met.

I have often thought of doing the same thing, but here's the crux of my concerns. Remember, this is because my personality is so uber-empathic and so overtly compassionate, I can't tell a homeless person "no" without having several sleepless nights after the event:

I would sign it just because I would have thoughts racing through my head that said "what if they had met me at some point and didn't know that I didn't remember them? What if they actually liked me and thought we had a semi-aquaintensical (I think I just invented that word, I totally love it, by the way) relationship?" I tend to run on the "what's it going to hurt? Will it kill me?" side of the street.

This is also why I have yet to turn down a homeless animal in all of my years. I have issues.

So, whats your say on it.

Oh and one more you say "youze" or "you guys" or "ya'll"?