Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hills Are Alive!!!

Tonight we're going to see a free concert at the top of the Provo Town Square parking structure. It's part of the Rooftop Concert Series being sponsored by all kinds of cool companies and people, including the fantastic singer/blogger/tambourine player/couch with wheels driver cjane! Anyway, it's at 8 pm, and Mike and I are taking the "well children"  with us. By "well children", I mean the ones who are not strepped out. That's a fun story for another time.

Anyway, I've always loved hymns. I come from an EXTREMELY musical family, my mother being a concert pianist/music teacher/singer/master of all things music who also has a degree in Music. She's amazing. My dad plays the drums and sings, my brother and my sisters and I all play multiple instruments and sing, so if you want to imagine the Von Trapp family growing up in Vegas singing in church all the time and for groups of people, go ahead. You wouldn't be that far off.

So when I found out about the Lower Lights performing tonight, I knew we had to go.  It's on the top of a parking structure, no seats, just twinkly lights, a crude stage "area" and people sitting on blankets and lawn chairs enjoying music.  This is perfect for us. We need something to do that has everything to do with music and nothing to do with having to be fancy. Not with a 6 month old baby and kids of many other ages.  Now, I don't like any one type of music only, and the Lower Lights are just some really musical folks who live around here that take the hymns I've grown up on and make them into amazing folksy kinds of songs. They're fantastic. You need to buy their album on iTunes immediately. Except if you're my sisters or my brother or my mom, don't get one for Dad for his birthday, I already got it.  Woot.

I could make music my life if I had the real gumption to do it, but I feel like I express my love of it through images, and that's what I'll be doing tonight. Taking pictures and listening and imagining all the things that come to mind when I hear the hymns I grew up on.

Here's an example of what we'll see tonight.

Secret Prayer from The Lower Lights on Vimeo.


If you wanna buy it go HERE, and even if you don't wanna buy it just yet, you can go to that link and listen to the rest of the album, and then you'll probably want to buy it then. I promise.