Friday, July 20, 2007

Harper's Birthday Update

His real birthday was uneventful since he's totally oblivious to the truth, and we drove to Vegas on Weds to get some tax stuff done, but! Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big party and Nana and Grandpa Oblad are coming. We are so excited for that! We've gone up there lately and the kids are busily cleaning their closets and under their beds in anticipation! You have no idea how happy they are that they are coming's so cute!

Anyway, my awesome mother-in-law as most of you know is half Japanese and half Korean, so she's making all of the food. Did you hear me? She's HAPPILY making ALL of the food...well...except the cakes and a green salad and fruit platter and chips and dip. I'm making those. She's making Korean short ribs, fried rice with shrimp and beef and sausage (it is holy oh my crap so good) and Japanese noodle stuff and seriously probably 250 egg rolls. Come! Come eat! She is bringing chafing dishes so you know the lady ain't playin. Aaaanyway, I'm busy cleaning my carpet today because she's a crazy awesome neat freak which is ok, it teaches everyone to do their chores every day because she'll show up unannounced and look them in the eyes and say "you helping your mama?" and they think it's scary in a funny way because her accent is still so thick. So they do it. She rocks.

I'll post pics tomorrow after the adventure.

Love you all! By the way, is it Vons or Albertson's who gives a free 1 year birthday cake??? I can't remember.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Permanecer Sentados Por Favor

Since we're white trash, for Harper's birthday tomorrow, we're going to drive to Disneyland for the fireworks show...except we're going to watch from Downtown Disney...YAY! heh. Anyway, there's a guy who shoots the most amazing videos and edits them of Disneyland...his screen name is RU42 and you should check him out. His rides are incredible, I don't know how he does it but he gets the best shots ever.

Anyway, enjoy his work on probably the best firework show ever.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fun For Everyone!

I got the foward from Mandy about the sign about the "Don't Pray About The Book Of Mormon" and immediately remembered investigating these kinds of signs a few years back. So funny! So if you want to create a church sign, go here

Oh! And more fun for you all! Seriously, these are awesome. I made a Disneyland one that said "Mike and Alli just bought Disneyland!!!"

Also, I made a Napoleon Dynamite one that said "Jonah stinks at video games, I could totally beat him with my sweet skillz" and "Vote for Jonah" on the tshirt. Jonah flipped out, he thought it was awesome.

K, go play!



Sunday, July 8, 2007

Oh Eisner, What Did You Do!?!?!

A friend of ours went to Disneyland yesterday and was in line to leave the garage at 12:15 pm and said it took almost an hour to get out of there. Oh HELLZ no. Eisner designed that dang thing, and um...2 exits? Two...? Really?!?! I say they put up some movie screens on the pillars so you can watch movies while you sit there, or bout they give you complimentary churros (churrals form Mom and Liza) while you're baking in your car or how about free foot massages cuz you know your feet are aching the second you sit in your seat at the end of a Disneyland day. Here's my best idea for keeping us about this, as you're on the tram back to your car, they hand you a flyer with this typed up on it:

"And for those of you who missed all the shows and parades we have one left, out in the parking lot 12:15 Walt Disney's Brake Light Magic- 40,000 cars, 2 exits, plenty of flashing lights and colorful language, drive your own floats, play your own music, get there early people line up for miles to see this one... remember you can't go over 14 mph."

I'm down for that.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's The Fourth Of July!!!

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and let me tell of the elders who we are close with is Elder Adair and I'll have to tell you the story of his family later, but wow...let me just remind you that next time you see a group of 20 year old hoodlums, remember that there really are some amazing, spiritual, fun, intelligent awesome guys out there. Anyway, to make a long story short, we have an ongoing challenge with them, and if they completed it, I told them I'd make them whatever they wanted to eat. So last night, they were eating dinner with us and they told me they'd completed their challenge and I asked him what Missionaries wanted really badly typically on their missions to eat and guess what they said?! To my surprise... BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! I guess that's true since they only eat dinner with members, they don't usually get a big fat awesome syrupy breakfast! So Saturday night...breakfast it is. They're such awesome guys, you guys should all come down!

Anyway, 3 of our kids are in Utah for the 4th, so we don't really have little kids to buy fireworks for so we're going to Taylor and Mandy's for a bbq today!!! So much fun!!! (San Diego rocks anyway) If the kids were here, what I'd really like to do is this:


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Few Pics For Yous'all

Awesome picture of the evil step-mother at Disney Vault at Downtown Disney. That store is amazing, I want everything in there.

Harper realized that the more you touch stickers the more they stick. Much thanks to Mike for putting them all over his face.

The fountain at Disneyland that scared the crap out of Harper for some reason.

Small World flower display at Disney Vault

Taylor was "the Phantom who loves babies" last Sunday

Harper didn't mind being the Phantom

Dylan was forced to be the Phantom, which he was violently averse to

Harper watching birds with cheeto lips at Downtown Disney last Saturday.