Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's The Fourth Of July!!!

Last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and let me tell of the elders who we are close with is Elder Adair and I'll have to tell you the story of his family later, but wow...let me just remind you that next time you see a group of 20 year old hoodlums, remember that there really are some amazing, spiritual, fun, intelligent awesome guys out there. Anyway, to make a long story short, we have an ongoing challenge with them, and if they completed it, I told them I'd make them whatever they wanted to eat. So last night, they were eating dinner with us and they told me they'd completed their challenge and I asked him what Missionaries wanted really badly typically on their missions to eat and guess what they said?! To my surprise... BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! I guess that's true since they only eat dinner with members, they don't usually get a big fat awesome syrupy breakfast! So Saturday night...breakfast it is. They're such awesome guys, you guys should all come down!

Anyway, 3 of our kids are in Utah for the 4th, so we don't really have little kids to buy fireworks for so we're going to Taylor and Mandy's for a bbq today!!! So much fun!!! (San Diego rocks anyway) If the kids were here, what I'd really like to do is this:



-KJ said...

I love breakfast for dinner, too bad Kev doesn't OR my dad! When it is Swedish pancakes I can eat them anytime!

Mike "Bud Duran" Easley said...

Me too about the Swedish pancakes. I can't believe of all people that Paul doesn't like breakfast for dinner...WHAT?!?? This from the man who drinks straight buttermilk for fun? Absurd!