Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait Til I Don't Have To Be So Darn Cryptic

There's an indicator in my life that always fires off at certain times. When we're living the way we're really supposed to be living, when we're trying our very hardest to be the best people we can be...this is when the indicator is most apparent.

Lately, obviously, things have just hit the fan. In a huge way. Like, holy-cow-is-this-really-happening kind of way.  

So we've been talking about doing certain things again in our lives. Going to places we haven't been to in a long time again. Visiting areas of our spiritual and personal lives that haven't been getting enough attention lately. The plan was set in motion, things were happening and we were slowly and painfully dipping our toes back into water that has been a stranger for the last year or so.

That's when it all fell apart.


Thankfully, our family is tough. We're big tough guys in this house. We're fighters, and that means we freak out for a week or so, and then we say "k, so where do we go from here?" 

That's where we are. We're mapping out our next route, we're planning the next steps because as my wise friend Crystal said the other day "There's nothing you can do to change it now!  Just love it!" 

And boy are we ever.

One of the crazy things is so exciting to me I can't even tell you how I feel. I'm a big glowy mess.

The other thing is more shocking, more scary, more trying and emotional than I ever thought I could experience. I've been through something similar, and it's a good thing because we'd be lost otherwise. 

I'll share everything in good time with everyone, once we're sure where it's all going to end up.

In the mean time, let's not blog about such sensitive issues for a while yes?


So Halloween is coming!  I made chicken stew, sizzler toast and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream last night. Sadly, it's going to be like 80° today, and that makes me crazy, but give me 3 months and I'll be begging for this weather. The grass is always greener right?


Oh and I'm going to stop taking photos in November for a while. It's a decision our family has made, and we're at a point where I need less stress and more Easley time.  I couldn't be more at peace with this decision.

I'm off to meet for the first time and have lunch with 2 photographer gals I met through Facebook who have become some of my favorite friends in the world.   Whaddya wanna bet none of us brings our cameras to document this momentous occasion?!


@emllewellyn said...

I can't get enough of you people. I seriously can't. Listen, between the Zupas near your house and the Zupas near my house, I feel like we should have a standing Zupas date.

PS. Remember my perfect Shabby Apple dress? The one I didn't preorder knowing I would shrink into it and now I could almost fit into that size so why didn't I just order it? SOLD OUT. fml.

The White Clan said...

Love ya! Keep up the positive, and you will rock whatever comes your way!