Thursday, September 2, 2010

blogging is dumb but it really isn't, so I do it. It's also my 8th year anniversary of blogging. Weird.

Mackenzie got asked to Homecoming. Thing is, I'd feel really super old but she's a junior. And Tiffany is an adult. I have an adult child. I'm in my mid 30's. What the???  So wanna make it even more crazy?  Sure!  Why not?  I have an adult child, I have one in high school, I have one in middle school, I have one in elementary school, I have one in pre-school and an infant. I have one in every phase of young life. Isn't that bizarre?

I love it. I really really love it.

P.S. Tomorrow is Mike's last day at his job. He's been there over 2 years and has learned all he can from that place, and he's moving on to an Ad Agency. Something that is really super interesting to him. When Daddy's happy, Mommy's happy, and vice versa.

P.P.S It's our 5th wedding anniversary next week.

P.P.P.S. Have I mentioned that he's The One?  Ok good, cuz he is.


Amber said...

Alli! I love you! You are an amazing woman with a great family. I love that you get to enjoy every phase of young life right now. So fun! That's exciting about Mike's new job:) Happy 5 year anniversary next week!!! Hopefully I'll be visiting my sister in Highland in the next few months so I can see you guys too!

Lyd said...

I was looking for a "Like" button.

Alli Easley said...

I love this man of mine.