Tuesday, September 14, 2010

talk about elephant tears...

Sweet Lola-bird has been squeezing these out her entire life. Even when she was born, the nurses would remark "oh my heavens, that one sure knows how to cry when she wants to" and "Hollywood can't teach people how to get natural tears that big!!!"  You got that right. This one's genuinely sad when she cries, but boy oh boy does she know how to get the waterworks flowing.

This is because I didn't put on the Jack Black episode of The Gabba today fast enough for her liking. (The episode was about Friends, she loves it. Who doesn't love friends?  And who doesn't love Jack Black? I mean really...)

Poor thing, laying in a big fluffy bed with her mama til 10 am watching her shows and she had to wait for 2 seconds while the DVR loaded?!  She has the patience of Job.