Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sick version 1.5

If you haven't recently tried Sick v1.5, you really should. It comes in a special kit for one adult and one infant. First the baby gets it then you (the motherboard) get it. It's really easy to use and it apparently installs itself on your physical hard drive when you're not looking. Next, it spreads all over your body til you feel like you've been beat down by the business end of a redwood tree. Eventually, it starts to raise the temperature of your body until your eyes feel like they're steaming and then comes the best part. The hallucinations and mumbling! This part is fun for the rest of the family, especially when you can't remember any of their names, but not to worry, they'll trash your house even though you don't recall who they are for a period of time. As we're deep into it, the baby starts to get better, which would seem like a GOOD THING right? Well, it's not but let me explain why. When the baby, or .5 part, is sick, he stays laying with you, he wants to be held, he wants to have 53 baths per day which equal easy time for you even though there is barf. Less movement, less maintenance, more snuggling, more naps. So when the adult (me) finally wakes up with a 103.2 temperature today, the baby is feeling better and everyone including the husband leaves for school and work leaving you with an active baby who wants to play like he hasn't ever played before, and whine like he's starving (probably because he is since he didn't eat for 4 days almost) and all you want to do is lay in bed and mock Rachel Ray and cry during commercials because you feel like crap, you start to wonder who manufactures such evil software. Oh and the most fun part is how your voice is gone, so your baby thinks it's hilarious to hit you in the face because your scary hoarse demon voice freaks him out. Oh, and I feel like I look like this:

So anyone know how to uninstall Sick v1.5? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Eliza said...

What you need to do is decide which programs to purge. Then you remove them and begin to reinstall only the ones you need like Coke-Player and Saltine-Shop.

The motherboard may need to reboot by turning off and then by being cleaned out (inside and out which the inside is already being purged I can only assume). Do that in a down time when no one else is using the motherboard.

Try that and see if it works.

ashleyO said...

Yeah I'm with Liza about the Coke-Player and Saltine-Shop. Sooo good. The nice thing is they aren't too pricey and so not only will you feel better but your wallet will too.

P.S. I was laughing so hard and clapping in the computer lab that I think I got some looks of death...jk...but no seriously.

Mandy said...

im sorry you are getting sick. dylan is stating the sickness brigade at our house. yesterday derek and i were losing our minds being inside all day. i am hoping its just dylan who gets it, but who am i kidding...everyone is bound to get it.
i hope you feel glad harper is though.
everytime i get sick i just least ill lose a few pounds. haha!

The Parrish Family said...

YUCK! I hate that feeling of not being able to do anything because you are sick! I think mothers shouldn't get sick! It just isn't possible to be a mom and be sick! When I got sick I just wanted to lay down and get better.......HELLZ NO that was not going work! Remember the days when we would stay home from school or work and we would just stay in our jammies,watch all the t.v. we wanted,nap when we wanted and whatever made us feel better? Sounds like a vacation now :)

LESTER said...
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Tori said...

my precious

Lyd said...

Man, I hate those computer bugs and hackers! That's what we're talking about right? ;)

I hate being sick. Good thing that I only get sick like 2 times a year! Yipee for that, boo for the sicky times! Hope that you feel better and follow your sisters' advice and use some of the Coke-Player and Saltine-Shop.

ashleyO said...

I just counted how many times sick was said in these past comments....10 counting mine! Sick....being sick...when i was

that is all.

Alli Fantastico said...

you people make me sick

Lyd said...

Was my sicky counted as one of those sick comments? You know, the one that the non sick Ashley made about how all of us mentioned sick about the poor sick Alli and the not so sick Harper. So was it...was my sicky word counted in the sick count-o-meter of sickness of being sick?

Now that I see it so many times, sick looks like a really weird word.

The End

Alli Fantastico said...


ashleyO said...

wah wah wah!

why do we do the things we do?

check out all my Double U's

Alli Fantastico said...

guess what?

you have a craysee face.

Alli Fantastico said...

Knock Knock

*who's there*


*craysee who*

you are a craysee face.

ashleyO said...

i love the joke.

i'm gonna have to steal it.