Monday, September 10, 2007

Not Just Another Monday Morning

I woke up this morning to see Michael shaving and when he noticed me stirring, he looked over and smiled. I'd opened the window next to my bed the night before and the cool air of the morning left the tiniest little chill on my cheeks. The boys were giggling outside with their baseball mitts and I hardly cared that they were playing catch at 7 am because they sounded so happy. I looked at the trees out my window and as I breathed in the crisp air I remembered that today was our anniversary.

I've learned a few really hard lessons over the years, and some really good ones as well. Most of these lessons came because of situations I was put in, or put myself in, but always, I come out of them taking something valuable with me. One of these lessons was the one that taught me that I am worth more than I thought I was.

Michael sees who I really am. He treats me like I'm good. He doesn't question my personal decisions because he knows I'm prayerful about them. He knows I spend time with my kids, he knows that I take care of my family, he knows that I go to the temple and he loves that about me. I don't have to have prove that I do good things for him to treat me nicely. He loves me when I'm sad, or frustrated, and he doesn't offer unwanted advice. He listens when I tell him how I feel without an "I told you so" or a single mocking tone out of him. He is my best friend, and he makes me want to be a better person. He knows me and loves me for who I am now. He knows the stories of who I was years ago and he is the first one to tell me that I'm more colorful to him because of my scars and my past. He can see me for who I am today, not for who I was back then.

He is such a good example to our kids. He has taught them to help me, to love me, to compliment me, to be greatful, to be patient, to be loving, and to value family time. He taught them to listen to me and how to speak kindly to me. When I make them all sit for family home evening every single monday night, he gathers them together and they listen to him. When we eat dinner at the table every night, he will take the reigns and ask someone to pray because he honors his priesthood. We go to bed together every night, and when I look up from my scriptures and see him reading his, it warms me like something I cannot even describe.

He comes home from work every day and kisses me first. He plays with the kids and helps them with their homework. He spends every free second with all of us. Every one of our kids feels loved, and when they kiss us both goodnight, we feel loved back.

Michael hasn't made me a better person, he's allowed me to be myself. In his eyes, I am perfect. That alone has changed my life.

That being said, here's a lovely little video that made me think of him:


Eliza said...

I love it all...okay not all of it. I like that song but I swear he wasn't signing to that song. Was that Michael Moore?

Anyway...happy anniverary and my song to you is "It's our Anniverary" by Tony Toni Tone

Alli Fantastico said...

Haha, I swear I thought it was Michael Moore too!

Oh and thanks for the Tony Toni Tone. Mike will probably play that for me tonight, since he loves the T³

Mandy said...

i swear that was micheal moore as well. haha happy anniversary!

Stacey said...

Mike's a dreamboat! Keep him around. He's also lucky that you see all these things about him and truly appreciate him. What a great "tribute". It's amazing how much joy you can get from a great relationship. (And vise versa!)

Alli Fantastico said...

Mandy, totally huh!

Stacey, thanks. He totally is a dreamboat, and I'm so lucky. It is amazing how happy you can be when you have good relationships. I think I'll keep him!

ashleyO said...

I TOO THOUGHT IT WAS MICHAEL MOORE!!! We HAVE to be related or we just have really good face recognitions skillz.

Um, I loved that. I can't wait to have a wonderful relationship like all of you friends and family. I'm sure Lyd is with me when I say that I can't wait to be in a loving eternal relationship. P.S. I totally started to get all misty when as I was reading and came upon the pic of Mike and Harper-bear.

Yay...Chappy Hanniversoddy to you both.

Alli Fantastico said...

thanks miss ash oh lee. U da baste anniversary wish singer evah.

Tippidy said...

happy anniversary you ♥ birds! you guys should go see Stardust or something.

i will babysit.

did i just say that???

yes, yes i did.

Eliza said...

Hey...I think you'll enjoy this seeing how you like to ruin good songs with crazy youtube videos. HaAAAAHaaaahAHAAA

Eliza said...
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Eliza said... here is the bettah one

Alli Fantastico said...

thanks for breaking my heart into a zillion pieces!

The Parrish Family said...

I'm a little misty too! Keep up the good work you two! That's why I love marriage so much,It's wonderful! Love ya!