Thursday, September 27, 2007

You Know You're From Vegas If...

1. You have no idea what a scarf does, but think it looks good
2. You know how to get to any casino on the strip without taking Las Vegas Blvd
3. You know where the natural history museum, art museum and zoo are.
4. You can now predict where the construction signs will be misleadingly placed.
5. Stop signs and red lights mean very little
6. The last time you went to the strip, your cousins were in town last summer
7. You become nocturnal between the months of April to October.
8. You know the seasons: Really hot, 2 months of nice, not so hot, 2 months of nice.
9. Your favorite chocolate is Ethel M.
10. When you go to different cities, you're amazed things aren't open after 9 pm
11. You've never seen a closed gas station
12. You can get hard liquor any day of the week, any time of the day.
13. When arriving home from vacation the slot machines in McCarran are comforting
14. You are still asked "smoking or non?" when you go to out to eat.
15. You laugh at people playing the slots at 7-11
16. You have no idea how a lottery works
17. What in the world is last call?
18. Your most prized possession as a Nevadan is your welcome to vegas license plate
19. You know the spaghetti bowl has nothing to do with food or football
20. You know never to merge right when driving north on I-15, it'll end anyway.
21. You think a pile of rocks is a nice lawn
22. The term Lake Las Vegas doesn't seem redundant in the slightest.
23. You remember the ugly lion
24. You give directions to your house based on location of closest casino
25. You need to walk through a casino to see a movie.
26. You go in circles through McCarran on purpose
27. You can spot a tourist from 3 miles away
28. Limos are an everyday sighting
29. You laugh at people taking pictures in front of the "welcome" sign
30. You don't own an umbrella
31. Sixty degrees is cold enough to wear a jacket
32. You can wear pants in the summer and shorts in the winter
33. You've never HAD to pay for parking.
34. You are outraged to pay more than 9.99 for prime rib and a lobster tail.
35. You pass this on to other locals
36. You remember when the 215 was a secret.
37. When at least one of the people in your neighborhood is a stripper


-KJ said...

I got this emailed to me a couple of months ago. I thought it was so funny...because it is ALL true!
Also, Kev and I love to look for strippers when we fly to vegas. It is usually on a Southwest or Jetblue flight, and they always ONLY have a small carryon. They just fly down for the weekend to make some moola and fly back home to good ol' SLC. So funny!

Lyd said...

Those are all so freakin true. Ma favorite was the slot machines at the airport. I really feel at home when I hear those machines goin. Oh, and the high today in Rexburg was 70 and that's what I call short sleeve weather and "warm" now! Isn't that ridiculous!

Alli Fantastico said...

70 = cardigan weather in my land.

Dani said...

Funny thing for me is, even though I only lived in LV for 3 1/2 years and the very memorable/loved every minute of it summer of the Oblad's at Gowan I can relate to every item on the list. A few in particular are very appropriate; #3 b/c we took oh so many field trips to those spots with the KrazyDaze kids (so fun Lizeeta, wasn't it? and the Villa Pizza/Movies like every week), #5 b/c at certain intersections in LV you can have a Rip Van Winkle moment, #9 my favorite chocolate is EM and I still have a cactus from their store, #23 b/c I worked there with BOTH lions, and #38 b/c my skin is still cranberry colored from drinking so much cran-juice while the "museum" was still open. Vegas will always have a special (hot) place in my heart! [Just be thankful it's blowdryer hot there and not steamy bathroom after a hot shower with a blowdryer hot!]

Alli Fantastico said...

mmmmmmmmm, I love cranberry juice.