Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Of Course I've Been Too Close To See, The Answer's Right In Front Of Me!!!

Everytime the kids go back to school, it is also the time that the weather gets cool which means school germs and sickness. Now don't get me wrong, of all of the seasons, Fall is my most favorite (just like Grape...inside joke there...sorry) not only because of the fact that I look absolutely ravishing in scarves and sweaters, but because that means we're approaching 3 awesome holidays that line up in a row! One per month! I like to think that Heavenly Father felt bad for the scorching summer heat in Vegas + the fact that my kids all come home with ebola type diseases from school immediately after starting back again, and that's why he gave us October, November and December and their fantastic holidays.

So last night, Eliza and I had planned to do some digi-blogging/graphic design work at night after the kids went to bed, but just as she called me to tell me she had a quiet house:

Harper barfed all over his bed.

Want to know what my night was like? Just rinse and repeat the above statement 3525 times.

Now today, he's just flat out grouchy. I handed him his favorite sugar free shortbread cookies that have a hole in them and as he was getting off the couch, one of them chipped a little bit, and seriously, I'm talking about a sliver the size of a staple...and he lost his damn mind people. There was thrashing and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth! Thanks to the goodness I don't have neighbors within earshot or I'm certain I'd have been arrested.

Anyway, we went to the store for popcicles and the only ones they had were these generic sugar free lime numbers. It said "Fruity Yum Pops!" on the packaging, but what it should have spelled was "Syrupy Carpet Stainers!" in even bolder letters, right at the top. I knew they'd be horrible, but the child was dying, or so he thought.

Now he's sitting in his papasan chair watching Jack, and he's surrounded by the toys he dragged over loves best:

  • his blue chair with attached lampstand
  • his piano
  • his most favorite green blankie/dee-dee
  • and Casey's bicycle helmet (???)

If I can get this guy to nap, things will definately go up a couple of digits on the CRAP-O-METER that I use to gauge my days, but right now, it's at about a 1.5 (1 being horrible-10 being spectaculacious!)

Moral of the story:

When buying popcicle treats at the store, Caveat Emptor people...Caveat Emptor.


Eliza said...

So sad for the Barf-o-rama. I hate the baby throw-up mess cause they have no idea what is going on and they are scared and they can't tell you they've done it in bed so you go in to check and they are sleeping in filth and you want to scream but you can't cause then they get more scared *deep breath*. SO SAD!

Dani said...

It's even better when you're holding and comforting them and they barf all over YOU. Not just the outside of the shirt mess,I'm talkin' under the g's, slime between the mountains to the navel and if you're really lucky you get it in your hair kind. We mothers get the compassion blessing or something cause you know "most" (there might be excpetions but they are few and far between) Dads would throw up at the start. I hope Harper feels better soon. (He flipped over a crumb the size of a staple? Poor guys :)

Dani said...

It's really a good thing we LOVE our kids! :)

EmDab said...

Cherry is also a favorite.

Poor kid. He sounds like Steve Martin in The Jerk with all his favorite toys. Hope he feels better soon!

Alli Fantastico said...

I know Liza, I picked him up today and he barfed all over my shoulder, and yes like Dani said, in between the g's and the skin. Slimy gross. I wanted to say "OH NO!!! HARPER!!!" but I didn't. He made the sad face and I knew he felt horrible. Poor lil' ones.

Dani, yes, he flipped, but I'm thinking he was just tired and frustrated. I'm hoping that's what it was, at least.

Oh and Em, I know...it must be a man thing.

Lyd said...

Dang, I was gunna say that Cherry is another favorite, but you beat me to it Em!

Sad day for the both of you! Hope he feels better. I had to deal with some of this last month with Olivia. My dad got her up a little earlier than usual because she was crying. Turns out that she threw up. Good thing she had some Hawaiian Punch before she went to bed! Uh. Everything was red. Her jammies, blankets, Eeyore, hair, you name it. So I had to give her a bath, but it turns out that she didn't want Papa to let her go! So he had to hold her the whole time and was screaming non-stop because he tried to hand her over to me. Poor lil' babies.

Oh, and Olivia has that same blue chair and light thing and she loves it...or at least she used to.

The Parrish Family said...

Poor little guy! I am laughing my head off about him loosing his $%@& mind! That is the worst when they get sick! Hope he feels better!

Taylor said...

Why do Otter Pops make you cough?

Eliza said...

Tay...me too...it's the strong liquor. Hey maybe that's why my kids do the walk/sway after eating 50. Hmmmmm.

Alli Fantastico said...

Otter pops are dry, like a well aged Pinot Noir. That's my opinion.

Dani said...

I have often pondered such questions when enjoying a delicious but chokey OP.

Alli Fantastico said...

they do have some fruity hints, I'll agree. Also, just a bit of nuttyness. Mmmm, OPs.

Eliza said...

Hey dani - you coffee?

Dani said...

Only if I'm a casket! Loved those candies! You still likey "launchmeat?" My favorite OP is the Poncho Punch. Poor little Orphan Orange was never eaten, or saved until the very last. Then came the flav-or-ice. They were bigger but just as chokey (or coffin)