Saturday, June 30, 2007

In Such A Pickle Today

So what are we to do when the house is clean, we only have 4 of us (Michael, Me, Tiff and Harper), we've got our lunches packed and a full tank in the car? Our discussion at breakfast this morning came up with these options:

  • Beach - good option, maybe as the sun goes down since it's hot today
  • Disneyland - too expensive and crowded
  • Mountains - 400,000 people driving up the main street here in Yucaipa going up the hill to Big Bear means = no freakin way. Too many people.
  • Stay Home and Watch Movies - We've been doing that for the last 2 months.
So what did we come up with? We're going to walk around this place as a substitute for the Disneyland fix, which to be almost as good as Disneyland today. There are so many people there this weekend we wouldn't ride anything anyway, just look at why not do it for free?:

Then after that, we're going to the beach to have a picnic dinner at sunset! What are you people doing this weekend?


-KJ said...

Kev has the whole week off! We are seeing Ratatoulie, or how ever the freak you spell that movie, today. Then we will go check out our house because our sweet 9" walnut floors will be installed by tonight! Then we will be spending the rest of the week in Bryce Canyon at the Nelson/Harber compound tearing up the environment on four wheelers!

Taylor Oblad said...

Thanks for the heads up you poop scrath-n-sniff sticker!!!

Alli Fantastico said...

Kj - oooo, look at you richie riches and your walnut floors!

Taylor - I didn't think you guys would wanna drive all the way up there! Let's do something Weds if we're still here. Is Mandy's fam coming?

Mandy said...

we were planning on having a bbq (our landlord just put a bbg and picnic table with umbrella in our backyard) and maybe watching some fireworks. we havnet decided on the fireworks. taylor will be studying all day since he has a midterm on thursday, but if you guys wanna come this way for dinner that would be fun. :)

-KJ said...

K, no new house updates for you! Uh, BTW not as pricey as you think, RUDE! ;)

Mike "Bud Duran" Easley said...

Mandy, we'd love to. Actually, that sounds so fun, I'm totally making a paper chain to count down the days. Call me tomorrow after you get out of church so we can plan what to bring.

Kissy, shut yo face. I admit it, I'm totally living vicariously through your home-building experience.

Alli Fantastico said...

whoa, that was me, I guess Mike was signed in. So soddy.

The Parrish Family said...

Hey Allison,I have some questions for you about photoshop. Anyway you could help me?Ba'lease!

Alli Fantastico said...

Hey Tiff, email me at! If I don't know the answer, my husband is about as pro as you can get with it.