Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Saturday Is A Special Day

So we're at a 1st birthday party for this boy on Saturday and before I go into details of said party let me explain a little bit about said "1 year old". His mother is mexican, his father is half black/half japanese, and the mother's family lives close to them. "What does this mean, Alli?" you may ask. 50234 mexicans, 3 black people, a handful of asians, 5 white people (me, tiff, kenzie, jonah and casey) and the best caterer on the earth. Let me expound.

The house was brand new and in Lake Elsinore, so cute! The parents, Terry and Raquel are about my age, and he basically looks like Tiger Woods and she's J-lo. Got that? Next, the few black people were a) mike (can you really consider Mike "black" though?) b) mikes' dad c) Terry's dad. Next, you have the asians, who are cute and who follow the babies around...there were lots of babies. Next, you have the mexican family who, in my opinion, need to come live with me. We had so much fun. The grandfather had made 3 pinatas, one elmo who accidentally had this expression on his face like "don't hit me in the face with that stick" and kind of scared the kids, a huge orange fish pinata and a big #1 pinata that was full of...get this Liza...LICK 'EM AID! You heard me. Lick em' aid. How splendid is that?

So then, halfway through this snack o rama, just as the clown was showing up (more on him later) these people came in and told us that the tacos were ready. Holy. Crap. These. Tacos were spectacular. Pork, chicken, beef, carne asada, holy goodness. All the fixins. Fresh tortillas in flour and corn. Ok so I ate 3. Sue me.

So as we're in the backyard and the kids are jumping in the humongus "air jumper castle" thing, a clown shows up. Now most of you who know me know that I hate clowns, they scare the bejebux out of me, but as he came around, tiff and mackenzie came over and were like "mom...nobody will talk to the clown". He was sitting alone with his balloon maker, and nobody would talk to him. He was about oh...22 in age, totally not scary looking except for his messy clown makeup which he apparenty did himself whilst driving down a very bumpy road. So what happened? My kids got not only their faces painted, but their arms, their legs, the back of their necks..etc...painted with spiderman and dinosaurs and you name it. They felt so bad for him. So then he leaves...and comes back with an Elmo costume on............commence mass hysteria.

These kids at the party went totally nuts. I'm talking screaming, and jumping and crying like they were at a Justin Timberlake concert where he'd just dedicated the entire concert and his life to them specifically over the jumbotron. Crazy A screaming children were every where. Don't get me wrong, Harper had a little "moment" with Elmo himself, snuggling and stroking his face, but when there are literally 45 kids all over you and it's 93 degrees out with 55% humidity and you're wearing a fuzzy red Elmo'd think the young man inside would have been crazy or suicidal or something right? Nope. He was in heaven. I think he may have been a little "slow" if you catch my drift, which makes him all the more special. Wow.

Oh and the cake? Huge. Out of control. 2 full sheet cakes. That's 8-9x13's. EIGHT. And they were 3 layers stuffed with banana and strawberries. Oh and the gift table? Insane.

So as Mike and I and the kids were driving back home that night, after 8 hours of party, I looked back and noticed all, count 'em...all FIVE of them were smiling and full and discussing the most outrageous party they'd ever been to. It was cute...til Mike said something that almost made my head fall off:

"So my mom told everyone there tonight that we're having Harper's party on the 14th of July...(long pause) our house...(longer pause)...and they all said they're coming"

then I died.

the end!


Mandy said...

let me just say, my birhtday parties when i was younger were a little something like that. we had food, cake, pinates, candy galore! it has definietly calmed down as we have gotten older and i still struggle with my kids parties. i want to make them HUGE. being poor helps with that struggle! now if i had money i think i would go crazy on birhtdays. they are so much fun! didnt you know mexicans can party?? im surprised they didnt have a dj or a mariachi (sp) band!!!:) fun time though
so harpers party is on the 14??

Alli Fantastico said...

THEY DID HAVE A DJ!!! And homemade videos of the family set to music. So awesome. Yes, the 14th, please come!!! No presents, just you guys. It's going to be Mickey. Oh! And when you get back, we need to do a beach pizza el cheapo party for both of our babies birthday with just us and you 4 k?

Tori said...

all this and no pictures???? what the...?

remember gabe's 2nd birthday party, blue's clues, at your house before we moved? him hiding in the corner of your backyard with his mailbox?

I can't believe your baby is almost one and I have never seen him. COME HERE! k,bye.

Alli Fantastico said...

I know! Our battery for our camera was lost, so we have no pics, but Mike's mom took 32352 so when she uploads them, I'll post them.

Also, I know! I haven't seen your baby and she's like what...17? Gross! We're retards. Ok you come here, I have a beach!

-KJ said...

Just gimme the Lick 'Em Ade stick!!!
It must be said that I make a pretty mean pork taco too!
Good luck on that party. I am feelin' the stress for you. So what's on the menu? I have a super tasty recipe for ribs. They're the bonless country ribs and you can make a ton really easy. Or you can brave it and try and make them Messican food white girl style! ;)

EmDab said...

That sounds like something out of Billy Madison.

I'm Emily and I approve this upcoming party.

Mike "Bud Duran" Easley said...

Kjersten - Alli only eats the stick from Lick Em Ades too. I think we're going to do bbq, so send the rib recipe STAT.

Emily - Most everything we do in this family is like an Adam Sandler movie, big penguins and all.

Eliza said...

I know i'm late but i love me thems lik em aids! It totally ticks me off that they give you 3 flavors (the blue green one I hate anyway) and 2 sticks! What stupid decided that!

Mike "Bud Duran" Easley said...

The same guy who made the hot dog packages that have 8-10 hot dogs. (can you tell we just watched Father Of The Bride??? Anyone???)