Friday, June 29, 2007

Do Go In Room 1408!

I made the best homemade chicken and rice soup last night with veggies out of the garden last night! Jellisss??? Thought so.

Anyho, I went to see 1408 the other night with our Regal Cinemas gift cards and ok yep. So scary. Mike told me as we were watching the ads for jewelers and super hard trivia (Which "Friends" star also starred in a blockbuster hit about having a baby unexpectedly with Hollywood babe Salma Hayek?!? Um, really? that's all you got?) that he knows when a movie is scary for me when he sees me cover my ears. See, the music scares me, I can watch the most horrific of films on mute, but when the music kicks's over for me, but I digress.

So the movie started, and about oh...7 minutes in? Yup, ears plugged, in fetal position, rocking and humming "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" all up in yo face. Not the scariest movie ever, but by far the most creepy and anxiety promoting film I've ever seen. Yipes!

So anyway, there was this man behind me and he was eating popcorn like he had rocks he was trying to turn into gravel with his molars, so I pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the larynx. That's how I roll.

Oh and Mandy and Tay came over the other day and we realized that when all 9 of the handsome boy cousins are in their teens, we're in so much trouble. All I know is that I'll be making and selling a swimsuit calendar with them posing with puppies to buy me a house, dats awww....


shark like a fox said...

you should try watching it with your hoodie up. it helps.

also, i'm finally caught up on Lost. Holy!!!

Eliza said...

when did you make that soup? hee hee

Eliza said...

AND mom even like the movie and you know how she hates the scaries. Haven't seen it yet mahself.

Alli Fantastico said...

Kristen - HA! On both comments.

Eliza - last night! Come have some, I froze a ton. See, I'm bribing you to come here and stay with us! We won't have the kids so we have 3 empty bedrooms! Why didn't you go with mom to see the movie?!?

-KJ said...

Matthew Perry.

I want to see that so bad. We went to the movies the other night and Kev said NO to that one. Too scary for him!!! I need to find a friend to see it with.

I love me some tasty healthy soup, but I gots to have some not so healthy corn bread with it!!!

Alli Fantastico said...

KJ - You are correct! Also, we had bread and butter cuz we loves the butter. I should have made cornbread but I am out of corn.

Eliza said...

Mom and Susan went...they have spontaneous lives now without the little children. That day will come.

Oh I didn't know you really needed the answer to the trivia ?

Mike "Bud Duran" Easley said...

Ha Liza, I'm looking forward to that day. You need to move down here for that.