Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh You Crazy Memes!

So Tori tagged me (and Eliza!) today on her blog, so I'm going to post mine here and then tag a few more of you!

4 jobs I have held:
1. Little Caesars Pizza (pizzapizza!)
2. Washington Mutual
3. Sizzler (mmmmcheesey toast!)
4. Asst. Manager for Topkapi (sister company for Claire's...I was piercing tiny baby ears on the bottom level of the Crossroads Plaza in sad!)

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1. Clue!
2. A Mighty Wind
3. I "listen" to a lot of movies in my house and car while my kids watch them over and over again. Does that count? (ditto Tori)
4. Nacho/Napoleon

4 places I have lived:
1. Puyallup Washington
2. Irvine California
3. Las Vegas Nevada
4. Yucaipa California (orange/apricot/peach/palm trees covering everything!)

4 Categories of TV programming I enjoy:
1. Get ready, I am a dork, I'll just call it "Educational" (ie. How It's Made, Look Around You, Mythbusters)
2. Good reality shows like: The Real Deal, Flip That House, The Property Ladder, Little People Big World, Top Chef, Top Design
3. Fun Reality shows like: AI, On The Lot, Project Runway, The Biggest Loser, Hell's Kitchen
4. Drama-fun!: House, Lost, Heroes, Grey's, Mickey Mouse Club House, The Backyardigans (so so dramatic, all that dancing!)
5. Ghost Hunters gets it's own category since we love it so. Oh, and Dog the Bounty Hunter is always awesome to watch, bruddah.

4 Places I have been on Holiday/Vacation:
1. Frisneyland!
2. San Diego
3. Seattle
4. Avondale! (it's been too long!)

4 of my Favorite Dishes:
1. French Onion soup with fresh grated GOOD parmesan
2. Salmon on a cedar plank
3. Scallops with mango/peach/pineapple salsa (I may have that tonight, I have to use these dang peaches before they rot!)
4. Halibut with garlic mashed.

4 websites I visit (almost) daily:
1. Check up on the blogs.
2. Lately, watching the last conference talks that I slept through (shh, I was sick!)
3. My bank
4. Flickr

4 places I would rather be right now:
1. In the bath reading.
2. Snuggled in my bed with a good book and my husband.
3. Chomping on the Crunch Ice from AM/PM
4. Newport beach on a blanket taking pictures

Now I get to pick 4 other blogger buddies to do this meme: (click em' to put the pressure on em')
2. Stacey (Eaton)
3. Tiffany (Parrish!) (even though she's out of town for a while...whoops!)
4. EmDab!


Stacey said...

Well hot-diggedy I'd be honored...And your favorite dishes sound insanely good. I am SO SO SO sick of the leftover food I eat off my children's plates. I need some $$$ cuisine.

Alli Fantastico said...

So come on down to the beach and stay with us, my kids would have so much fun with yours. I'll cook!

Eliza said...

I can't believe you don't watch Celebrity Fit Club!!! Now that is some good tv. I just had to generalize and put TLC cause there are way too many shows to list on that channel. The Real Deal is my favorite.

Alli Fantastico said...

Oh we do sometimes, if I listed all the shows we watch, you'd stage an intervention. Actually, not really, but if you knew that we faithfully watch Charm School and the other shows on that channel, you may or may not think we're trashy, which we totally are since we loves us some Mo'nique!

Eliza said...

I'm also surprised that you didn't put Disneyland Fun as one of your movies you can watch oveh and oveh. I mean come DO star in one of the songs you know! were being humble...mah bad.

Alli Fantastico said...

We don't have it anymore. I think I bought 5 copies over the years and we wore them all out. I can't find it at any Target when I remember to look for it.

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