Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thank The Goodness For The DVR

There's a show called Pirate Master on CBS, and if you haven't yet watched, you're not too late to tune in...there have only been 3 episodes and all you missed were introductions that they regularly re-do during the show, and 2 people getting kicked off for lame reasons. Imagine Survivor and Big Brother on a pirate ship with blood and skulls and real gold coins they get to keep, and real debauchery and the list goes on and on. Oh it's good, just trust me here. A real "Summer Slowdown" kinda show, now that all of the faves are on season break. Tune in...and for me pirate name? See below the deck and try one for your own!!! Argh!!!!

PS! -

Dude, this guy won "Captain" last week and for some reason, even though I loves him so, he adopted this annoying/hilarious british accent the second they put the captain hat on him. Everyone on board is all "whaa???" and laughing behind his back. So so sweet. The end.

My pirate name is:

Mad Bess Cash

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!

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EmDab said...

HA! My name from that site is "Black Bonny Cash." Don't worry that I've known it for a few years now... Anyway I'm intrigued by your suggestion. I'll have to work it into my schedule.

Mandy said...

Captain Anne Rackham

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Alli Fantastico said...

Em! I know, you need to watch, trust in me.

Mandy - You have the same name as Mackenzie! That's hot.

Tori said...

Red Mary Flint

Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

Tori said...

Abram's name on another pirate naming site was "Dirty Levi" and he loves to be called that EVERY day, although he rather fancies "Captian Jack" also. Gabe was "Bloody Lars." Ethan was "Geedunk Brigand," Jayne's was "Bloody Ethel," and Loren's is "Buccaneer Henry." Loren's makes me laugh. Arr, Arr, Arr.

Alli Fantastico said...

Hahaha, I laughed so hard at all of them, but especially Dirty Levi. So so funny. What's funny is yesterday Tiff and I were talking about how Loren has the best Star Wars name EVER!!! Lor Trooper. Seriously...try to beat that. Well maybe Tor Saturn, now Tor Odyssey, but for real, Lor Trooper is crazy awesome.