Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Post Wherein I List Stupid Stuff

Since I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant and trying to keep this baby in here til 40, I've been spending Lola's nap time sitting on my bed. And after making dinner time. And after Lola's bedtime but way before my own real bedtime. Seeing as I can't read without getting a headache (my eyes are all jacked up as is normal with pregnant women (click!)), this has left me only a few options of what to do while I'm there. I'm going to list a few of them now but not in any particular order since none is really any more awesome than the other:

  • watch the open window of my bedrooms carefully as we have no working screens on them waiting for The Deadly Spider of 2011 to come creeping through, trying to bite the back of my thighs when I'm not looking. This may sound unrealistic but you don't live in my neighborhood along a path that winds around Utah Lake, aka Deadly Bug Lake. (named by us, because we're really the only ones who count here)
  • think of all the frivolous food I want to eat. This can be damaging but in my present state wherein I'm trying to GROW A HUMAN BEING I'm not too concerned about it. Especially since none of them are actually going to make it to my face/stomach/baby mostly because of the next thing on my list.
  •  fret over money. This may not seem like the most fun thing to think about but guess what. You're right. It's not. It's panic inducing. We have a big family. We've made the choice to have me stay home with the children for many reasons, many really important reasons. So here I sit, counting the bills in my head, adding up the money coming in and occasionally I get to plan something out with the extra dough we're bringing in. Something fun like buying everyone a gumball at the quarter machine next time we're at the grocery store. Hey Big Spendaaaaaaaaaah....
  • watch ID on Discovery. If you haven't already found this channel, find it. I assure you it's worth your time. If we weren't in a huge contract with Directv, we'd have cancelled cable, but we are. So I watch shows and Harper hates them. He says "mom, are you watching one of 'your shows'?" and I say "it's a show about a lady yes" and he says "does she get killed?" and I say "yes, probably" and he says "Oh mom" and I say "isn't it nap time?  Mama needs to watch her stories" and he goes to lay down. I'm glad we have this understanding. Oh and before you call child protective services, please do understand that when he goes to "lay down" that actually means he gets to play the Wii uninterrupted for as long as Lola sleeps. He still gets his daily spankins in though, don't you fret.
  • think about holidays that aren't even remotely close. I will sometimes sit here and think about Christmas time and wish that they made Peeps in the shape of wreaths, or trees. Or maybe we can just bring Peep Ghosts to Christmas and reinact a scene from A Christmas Carol. Jacob Marley never tasted so squishy delicious!
  • make plans to clean the garage, but then I'm soon deterred because of what could be creeping in there. (see item #1)
I could go on and on here but really, do you come to my blog to read about my craziness? Probably not but if you do, let me give you one last item on my list so you can see just how crazy I am. I present to you, Fantastic Number 7 (whatever that means) (actually, I'm about to have Lucky Number 7! so it may actually make more sense than I had intended it to)

  • nap. Can you believe it?  A mother of 6 who gets to nap. Now, keep in mind, this will be during Lola's nap and often Harper is next to me playing his DSi for "quiet time". But really, a nap. For a mom of 6. Told ya it was crazy.


Amber said...

You deserve a nap! Maybe you'll be lucky and baby boy will sleep the same time Lola does!

@emllewellyn said...

Please tell Harper how I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time the other day it was indeed the greatest store in the world.

Alli Easley said...

Amber, let's all pray for that!!!

Em, I just told him and he said "are we going with her tomorrow?!" and then bounced away.

K. H. said...

My directv contract expired, so I cancelled my DirecTv account and they found it suitable to make an unauthorized charge on my debit card for $275 for “their dvr that I hadn’t returned.” When I called to complain, I learned they HADN”T EVEN MAILED THE RETURN BOX TO ME YET. Yeah. Oh AND my bank flagged their unauthorized charge as fraudulent and froze my account. So then I had to cancel my debit card or allow the $275 to be pulled from my account. So yeah, basically cancelling my directv caused me to lose access to my bank account for 2 days (thus bouncing any auto-payments I’d set up for my other bills…yay late fees), cancel my debit card, and have to wait 5 days for a new one, and get 20398234 phone calls a day from DirecTv collections for the $275 that I “owed” them for DVR that I couldn’t even possibly have mailed because they hadn’t even sent me the return address.

I can’t imagine what would happen if I had cancelled while still under contract. Probably I’d be dead.

Alli Easley said...

Comcast claims they gave us 2 modems and are charging us $350 for the modem we didn't return when we canceled with them last year. Since you know...everyone needs 2 modems since 1 does the work for an entire hospital worth of computers and all.

Tricia said...

My sweet friend....I come with great news that you do not have to fret about there being no Christmas Peeps!!! Look what I found! ;o) And although there aren't any in the shape of Jacob Marley...there are all different kinds! Even dipped in chocolate!


I must admit, I only buy Peeps during Easter...I think my love for Easter leads me to not be able to buy them for any other holiday! There is something nostalgic about eating them from the bottom up and saving the ears for last that is a complete JOY for me! Oh, and poking holes in them so they get a wee bit stale before I eat them. ;o)


Alli Easley said...

NO CHOCOLATE COVERED ONES! I did find a cool recipe for making your own homemade peeps:


Leslie said...

Yes, I do come to your blog to read about your craziness. Craziness loves company, right?