Thursday, March 17, 2011

Corned Beef and Cabbage!!! Not This Year

Since I was little, we'd always have this. My mom would boil up a big pot of corned beef and cabbage and to this day, it's one of my most favorite meals. I could eat it every week, seriously. (Maybe I'll have to buy a couple and freeze them tomorrow. The corned beef, not the cabbage) This year though, the kids asked me "what else do they eat in Ireland?"

Hm... good question. I know they make soda bread. I know they use potatoes a lot. So I set out to discover what else those darn people eat!  After checking many many blogs and recipe sites, I've narrowed this year down to 2 things. Why only 2?  Because I'm lazy and 9 months pregnant and guess what, this stuff is plenty.

We're having potato leek soup. Thankfully, I've already got a good recipe for this so the only real problem might be finding healthy leeks. Green onion can do in a pinch though so I'm not worried. Also?  Duh, shepherds pie. My kids love this so we're also having that.  A "green" salad and ginger ale should top it off nicely, don't you think? I'm the most boring mom ever, I don't tip furniture over, I don't put little green footprints all over the house, I just cook good food and we leave it with that. 

What do YOU do on St. Patrick's Day?  Anything fun and delicious?


Amber said...

sounds yummy! you are NOT a boring mom! at least you're "cooking" dinner for your family tonight. i like the ginger ale idea! brinley and her cousin made green eggs and green french toast for bfast this morning:) and check out the new trifle recipe on my blog. i thought of you guys when i made it:)!

Hilary said...

Corned Beef an Cabbage is my favorite too. My dad usually cooks it, but he's out of town and I don't know how :(. Very sad day in the Schmutz house... Actually I'm the only one sad, no one else likes it!
Hope your feast turns out well!

Jenna Wilde McLean said...

I guess I'm a boring mom too.... I never even knew people "celebrated" St. Patricks Day aside from the adults that went out and partied it up at the bars. My parents never concocted leprechaun messes in our house and we never set traps to catch them, so I didn't realize that I needed to start those kind of traditions with my son, therefore - I'm a boring mom. I don't do anything for him.

I do however, at least make a feeble attempt to portray myself as Rachael Ray and throw a corned beef brisket in the crock pot with some cabbage, potatoes, carrots and half an onion (because onions are the devil) for dinner. Now mind you, my portrayal of Ms. Ray has never won me an Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Grammy, CMT, or even a Thespian award. But, it does put food on my table for my family, it's usually edible and I can say I tried, lol.

Happy St.Paddy's Day

Alli Easley said...

Oh girls, trust me, I don't do anything spectacular or decorate my house and stuff like that (although I'd love to, I just don't have the cash monay to do that for ever holiday) I just make a special dinner!

Jenna, see, you do the crockpot version! That's good! Don't be crazy ladyfriend, you're doing your part.

Amber, I just commented and man, that trifle looks AMAZING!!!

Hil, come up here, I'll make it for ya. Miss your guts off.

Tara said...

Ummm....I don't think you're boring. It's no different from any other day in our house. Course, that might change once I have a little in school, but for now, he has green underwear, and a green shirt, and that's good. Haha

and for dinner? Trying to convince my hubby to eat out...mexican.

yeah..I'm all in.

The White Clan said...

I feel like doody on a plate today, so we wore green, ate green pancakes and um.....sadly that's it. Chris made quesadillas for dinner, and I did nadda! I usually am awesome!

Chris and Kim said...

I was supposed to get corned beef and cabbage last night when I was shopping with the grocery guru, but the store was completely out. Dang it. I have never actually had it and I was looking forward to eating it.

When are you going to have that sweet little baby? I can't wait to hear all about it.

Leslie said...

Someone else said exactly what I was going to say, but I will repeat it anyway. ha! You aren't boring at all, because besides a bunch of people in big cities drinking green beer (or actual Irish people) I didn't know there was any type of celebration to be had. I don't even wear green. The horror! It's rebellion from when I was a kid and forgot to wear green on the 17th and kids wouldn't believe me when I told them my green eyes exempted me from it and they pinched me hard. Haven't cared much for the holiday since.

And then I smirked inwardly at all the adults I saw in town yesterday dressed in green. I thought, "Sheesh, are they still afraid to be pinched?!" Never realized there was more to the day than wearing green to avoid getting pinched.

Frodo's best friend is half Irish (his mom is from Ireland) and Frodo told me yesterday, "Did you know that St. Patrick's day is really big in Conor's family? As big as Midsommar is to us! They eat Irish foods and celebrate all day long. He even gets to skip giving up something for lent on that day!"

He then went and put on his green Mt. Dew tshirt. ;)

Kris said...

I'm lucky that my hubby makes the beef. Not my favorite meal at all, but I'll have a bite. I didn't do anything greeny for my kids this year, but my friends go all out from green pancakes to green toliet water! Sheesh!!

Maggie May said...

you did more than we did! a green shirt was it!

Tricia said...

All my little one wanted was green milk! And was pretty mad at me for making the green tortellini the night before! Duh me!!!

nate and amy crandell said...

What a fun Mom you are!! I Love reading your blog post-so inspiring!!