Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Man, I Tend To Ramble Don't I?

Don't you find a good night's sleep almost always helps you feel better? Me too...usually. Today I woke up feeling tired, sad, ticked off that I actually had to get up and live today. But then I realized something else, I woke up!  That's good right?

I'm totally one of those people who never EVER exaggerates and I'm seriously never dramatic or overly emotional, which is fortunate for everyone I know, especially my husband. I re-read what I posted last night and honestly, I didn't feel like I was being any of these adorable qualities I listed above when I typed it. Horrible stuff all happened last night. Anyway, let's not get into that right now, it'll just make me not want to do laundry today.

So I gotta tell you, I'm pretty in love with baby jeggings. (click!) You guys, they're seriously the cutest thing. Lola's got a big ol' case of the do I put this delicately?  Hmm. How 'bout I just say "baby got back". How's that?  Too mean for a mom to say?  Oh well, in 7 years when she's able to read my archives on here and she comes across this she won't even care because at least I didn't say the "f-a-t" word. Plus, baby bums are supposed to be huge. Not mom bums. But that's a different topic, and I'll just sit here and be grateful that my rad hubby likes my big fat mom bum. Or at least he doesn't complain about it. 2 points for Mike.

So yesterday I was at Walmart and as usual, Lola was fuh-reaking out because we weren't standing by the fish tanks yelling at the fish (well, she yells. She isn't mad, she isn't happy, she just screams at them and then fake laughs to herself about it) anymore and I took her to her favorite part of the store (after the fish tanks, o'course) which is the girl clothes section. And no, I'm not kidding. She's 10 months old and she sees us coming to clothes (in ANY store, for that matter) and it's spooky. She gets silent and her eyes get big and she makes this cute "oooh" face and she's in heaven. Can you even imagine how much this kid's gonna cost me when she's 12 and impressionable and when her friends have a certain designer and she doesn't and it's not faaaaiiiir!!! ? Yeah, we'll let daddy deal with her then.

Aaaaanyway, baby jeggings. So my baby has a big bum. And fat fat fat thighs. Jeans don't fit her. Khakis don't fit her. Only leggings and really, how warm are leggings in Utah in the winter?  So I typically do the tights/leggings combo, but then she's too confined and she's miserable. So I see these dark blue denim jeans and I grab a pair and hold them up to lil' Miss Fatty Fatpants's waist. Ohhh...they fit.  How about the thighs?  Yep. They fit. AND they're stretchy!  Best part of all?  $3.50. Oh yeah, you read that right. So I bought 5 pairs. I have to say though, she's really tall, so I bought a few in 18 months and a couple in 24 months and when we got home the 18 month ones fit perfectly. She's a big kid, y'all.

I wish I could wear them. I know I know, you'll all think "so wear them!" to me but really, who wants to see a lady walking down the street on what appears to be two sacks of fighting cats with feet at the end?  That's pretty much the jist of it.

Maybe when I look like Mila Kunis after I have this baby and work out for a while (riiiiiiight) I'll put some on while I do laundry. Now that's a goal I can stick with. (the laundry/jeggings combo, maybe not the "looking like Mila Kunis" part, but a girl can shoot for the stars right?)


Yesterday was my Casey's birthday!  He's 12!  I'll tell you all about our little dinner party tomorrow after we've taken some pictures because last night, after my breakdown, let's just say nobody had a party and there may or may not have been crying (me) and door slamming (me) and stomping around complaining about how so-and-so always gets away with illegal activities (also said by me, but not about me) and an eventual pass out in bed while watching the last two episodes of Glee on the DVR (once again, by me).

More to come.

4 comments: said...

This post made my morning... something about your writing style that cracks me up. :-) Your baby is cute, by the way. You should take pictures of her "O face" next time.

Alli Easley said...

Oh Mike, that's not my baby! Lola's got dark hair! (see my FB for proof) but that brings up a good point, maybe I need to post more pics of my kids on here? said...

No, no... I meant Lola is a cute baby haha. I've seen the pictures you post on Facebook of her, and was thinking of those when I made my comment. :-) She's adorable.

And yes, you should totally post more pictures. Everybody likes baby photos!

KW said...

i'm glad you don't ever exaggerate and you're never dramatic. that would just be silly.

my word verification is "tragload"