Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eating More Healthily

Mike and I try to cook in our house at least 6 nights a week, with the occasional "Taco Tuesday" from Del Taco thrown in. We're not tiny people we loves to get our eats on, but really, and I mean really, we can go wander a farmer's market or Whole Foods for literally hours. All of the fresh ingredients, wax free fruit, things that just taste better because they're local, we love it.

I can't get my kids to eat oatmeal. I'm not particularly fond of it my self, but lately, I've been craving it. Oatmeal cookies, oatmeal anything.  I was searching through blogs and came across this:

Now let me tell you now, I'm not super fond of peanut butter, so I'd add raisins and make a glaze (because I'm a sugar addict) but really...doesn't that look good?

All the comments say it's like eating a big chewy oatmeal cookie, but it's BREAKFAST.


PS, I wrote this entire thing about healthy food whilst eating a cookie dough brownie. Sick, huh.


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