Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is It Really Time For My 20 Year Reunion???

I remember a hot summer day way back in 1987 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. My mom got us all in the car with my dad and we headed off to the "other side of town". When we got there, the airplanes flying overhead were so loud and the grass was mostly dead, it was July in Vegas, you know. There was a buffet of bbq food and coolers of drinks, and we'd follow my mom around while she'd say "Oh hiiiiiii *insert name here*!!!  So good to see you!  You look amazing!  These are my kids!" and she'd introduce us 1 by one. Ashley was very small. It was my job to look after her, which was fine. I wasn't excited about talking with adults I didn't know, I was you know...FOURTEEN.  What 14 year old likes talking to "old" people they don't know?  Maybe Doogie Howser, MD or something. (whoa, I just dated myself again, didn't I?)

So it was a devastating shock the other day when I opened up my Facebook and saw messages from some old friends who I keep in touch with. These weren't just "hey, how are ya?" messages though. The subject line had me frozen in my chair...and I'm not exaggerating here. The subject line was as follows:

WHS Class of 91' 20 Year Reunion Facebook Page Invitation

Needless to say, I had to go get me a strong one. (Mt. Dew for me, kids. Who do you think I am anyway?!)
I had already been added to the site, and as I went through the list of names, I realized I was already friends with 90% of the people there. Not too shabby, considering my mom had lost touch with most of the people she went to school with!  Those were the olden days though (the 80's...duh) and they didn't have Social Media.  Anyway...the reunion's in July. Color me trippin.

So has it really been that long?  I guess it has. I have an 18 year old daughter, working on my 7th baby, been married twice, lived in 4 states, owned 3 homes...yeah. It's been that long.

So guess who was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Uhhh....Bel freakin Biv Devoe, that's who. Yeah, and guess what.  They were awesome. 2 songs. So rad.  Totally reminds me of 10th grade. Check it out:

Now you know.

Lola may or may not have been dancing like a stripper just now, but really, isn't baby bootie bouncing kind of stripperish?  Can't blame the babies for that one. (I'm lookin at YOU, strippers...) (Actually, I don't think I know any strippers, but I just wanted to say that I did) (You know, because if you're raised in Vegas all your friends are strippers and pimps, right?) (right.)

Oh and can I make another statement?  Why do reunions always have to be scheduled when it's 147° in Vegas?  Can't we just have done this in October when it's actually NICE at night?  Over.


Nicki said...

Ali, your amazing!! Love to read the thoughts that you share :)

Alli Easley said...

Why thank you Nicki! You're so cute.