Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Flames...Flames On The Side Of My Face

This is how I feel about today. When she says "Yvette", just pretend she's saying "This day".

Things aren't always roses and candy and big puffy hearts that float around your head and today proved that to me. Why do things always happen at once?

I'm looking for the good that might come out of this trash. Life sucks sometimes...and I'm like that camel down there. Today was a big-A straw that broke my back.

(please excuse me while I continue with my pity party. I'm hormonal and I found out some really messed up stuff tonight. Let's just all have a moment of silence while I cry and hug it out with my freakin pillow)


Leah Ferguson said...

I'll hug you ;)

mrlyne@gmail.com said...

Awe.... seems like hard times comes in batches for you, Alli. Still, it sounds like you have an amazing support network there between your family and friends, so hopefully you've got the right person to give you a hug. :-)

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you... much love.

Mike Lyne

jana said...

So sad that you are having such a ruff time! I'm so sorry and will pray for you and your family!
Hugs sent!
Love you,

Maggie May said...

looks like we are trading prayers for one another :)

mrlyne@gmail.com said...

Also, I think I see where the confusion is coming from here. I didn't actually click on the link that you posted, and just assumed you were referring to Lola (using a nickname or something?) so my bad... ;-)

Your baby IS still cute though, of course.