Monday, February 28, 2011

Mondays Are The Suck But Who Cares?

Lola's hair is pulled up into a high ponytail on the very top of her head today. All of it, from the neck up is in there and it still sticks up about  5 inches from her head in the little elastic band we use for her hair. We call them pretties and she doesn't fight the hairdo when we keep telling her how pretty she is. "Pretty like Marie!!!" She loves Marie the cat from The Aristocats. It's adorable.

Harper is laying next to her while she has her arm slung over him. They're watching Bubble Guppies together and it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Speaking of cute, you should see the grin that comes over Lola's fat fat face and the dancing that ensues when she hears this song in every episode:

My house isn't spotless, I need to de-clutter and vacuum my bedroom, there are clothes to be washed in hampers in the laundry room, a few pots from last night are still in the sink, but we're not in any rush. There's too much to do today.

Today is "shot" day for Lola and Harper. Harper's only solace is that he has to be strong for Lola when she gets hers. He keeps telling me that he's not going to cry because he wants Lola not to cry. How awesome that she gets 3 big brothers, 2 big sisters and 1 little brother (soon!)?

I'm typing here in my computer chair sitting crosslegged or "indian style" as we called it when we were little. I keep bending forward at the waist to read something on my monitor a bit closer and while doing so, I crush the baby in my belly. He is big enough now to protest, and his little feet go up against my hips and his head into my ribs and he pushes. He is you know, around 4 lbs now. I've only got 8 weeks left, but with my history, that means 4-6. We're under the 60 days mark now. I'm due 2 days before Kate Middleton and Prince William are scheduled to be married, so thanks to the websites counting down the days to that, I've got a little reminder every time we go to any of the gossip sites.

Life is simple these days. Busy, but simple. We have a schedule with each of the kids, we know what's going on and when it's got to be done. Unfortunately, Mike is gone from the crack of dawn way past sunset, and I'm a bus driver/laundress/chef/owie kisser/homework enforcer/cleaner/bill payer. Soon we'll just add another car seat to the bus. Speaking of, anyone want to sell us an old suburban for cheap?

Now if I could just afford for someone to come and clean my bathrooms, that would make my happy face even more happy!


Eliza said...

I like Lola's hair up like that or all in her face...either one is good.

Oh and You can afford to pay your children to clean all your bathrooms for

It is nice to're right!

Alli Easley said...

Her hair is a hot a$% mess.

Oh and you're right. If I can only get them to do MY bathroom. That would be fantastic.

commenting is nice to do!

Eliza said...

Food I tell ya!

Alli Easley said...

Like eating out food? I give them food every day because I feel like I owe it to them at the very least.