Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is where you go for updates, in case you wondered. From what Mike's dad says (He's in Tennessee) they only update the rest of the country on San Diego and Los Angeles and Orange County since nobody really knows what San Bernardino and the surrounding little towns even are. We're the San Bernardino County Slide Fire. As of right now, we are 0% contained. 3 days ago we were glad we weren't in San Diego, but today we wish we were down there. While every other fire area is sending their evacuees home, our area is getting rid of everyone. Mike's mom is gone, and she lives less than 4 miles from our house. We'll either be at Tori's or at a hotel most likely. We're leaving right now to get to cleaner air, poor Jonah can't even breathe and Harper is sneezing black and coughing. All of us have sore throats so we're outta here for the day. Mike's not working because they sent him to be with his family as soon as they heard about the evac's this morning. Anyway, I'll talk to you all later.


Dani said...

SOOOOOO glad that everyone is safe and fine (except for the breathey, coughey part....) Fires are so scary, I hate the thought of one being close to my parents house, their backyard is the mountain. Yikes! Really thankful to hear that you're all safe! Whew!

-KJ said...

Sneezing BLACK? So sad!!! When are you guys going back? I was going to call, but I only have your home #. I am sure you gave me your cell at one point, but I can't find it. Call me!