Wednesday, October 10, 2007

rappy ralloween!

I'm thinking about halloween today, and getting Mike to dress up is my goal this year. Any ideas on costumes for him?

How bout a pirate? See how this pirate boy is floating on air? He can wear a gauzy open collared shirt like this one:

Or how about a baby costume? He's a big boy, so the juxtaposition of big mike with jammies on may be just what I'm looking for:

Whoa, is that Steve-O?

Maybe he should be the Phantom, and sing like Will Farrell did on Dave Letterman:

Got any idears?


ashleyO said...

1) I like how that Pirate man floats. How awesome is that?
2)That momma is scary!!! She doesnt even shave her legs.
3)Will Ferrell is my hero. Did you know?

Taylor said...

That lady must really like converse.

Alli Fantastico said...

and plastic face.

Laurie said...

haha...the baby one is hilarious. Go read my news, lady!

Alli Fantastico said...

LAURIE!!!!! HOLY CRAP! Congrats?! That Steve...I should smack his bum!

Laurie said...

haha! Thanks! It will be fun having a baby around, I was just hoping it would be my own! Oh well maybe later.