Monday, October 1, 2007

Hi Derrr!!!!

So this week's SNL was so fabulous, am I right? At first I thought, meh, LeBron? I dunno, he may be alright, but by the time it got started, I laughed from start to finish. First was the Hilary Clinton one, and although I hate their political sketches normally, I even laughed in that one. Then the Angry Dog Food commercial. Oh yes, the bleeding gums on the last dog? Priceless. Then came Penelope. So...we laughed hard and almost died from laughing so hard...and um...she brought maize to the first thanksgiving so....and she grew a 3 foot beard in 2 seconds just thinking about it so...need I say more?

Then, the announcement of the High School Musical 3!!! What fabulous hair on Zach Ephron/Andy Samberg, and I almost died at their choreography. Michael almost passed out. Good stuff.

So anyone still singing the song about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Oh. My. Holy. It was so catchy, and did you see those 2 seconds of Jake G??? Oh yeah baby, I'm still humming that tune. Oh and Adam Levine is my part time skinny boyfriend.

Next, and perhaps my favorite...the Lyle Kane show. Hi Derrr!!! Will Forte's hair was so fabulous in that, thank you derrrr!!! Also, LeBron was the cutest mentally special black person ever, and I loved his parted hair!

Read To Achieve? All I gotta say that I didn't know we'd see more of Mike!!! and Jeff!!! again, but I'm glad we did.

Next was Solid Gold...and at some point I laughed one of those "silent" laughs, you know...the ones where you're laughing til your silent mouth makes squeaking noises but you're not breathing? Yep, that one. The host was C. Micah Kring. Nice. I actually Googled "Micah Kring" to see what the reference was and all I got was one result about the show Heroes, in which someone wrote about the character Micah and show creator Tim Kring. Just so you know...hehe. Also, can I tell you that the dancing and the comments were the best I've seen in a long time. Jamillah? Amy Poehler? That up-down/half windmill move with her arms? You know I'll be doing that at the next family dance party. There's nothing like Solid Gold Dancers moving slowly to very fast songs, but I could be wrong, although, the cape that LeBron gently encircled them in was moving, and I nearly cried from the spirit of it.

I do remember the days when I thought they were the best dancers in the world! I really did want to be one when I grew up, and you know you remember practicing for the Solid Gold auditions Liza, KJ, Taylor etc. Don't be hatin.

Then, the interviews with the dancers.

Kristin Wiig/Beverly: Hi I'm Beverly, I'm 5'6" and weigh 108 lbs., in my spare time I like to make vests! (also, it appears she likes to do the cocaine with all that twitching and hair flipping)

Amy/Jamillah: Hi I'm Jamillah, I'm 5'6" and weigh 108 lbs., I like long jazz walks on the beach! (Also, she had the biggest hair in the world which is so sick/sweet)

Will/Mark: Hi I'm Mark, I'm 5'6" and weigh 108 lbs., I like white jeans and watching Cinemax! (also, his flowing mullet made me melt onto the floor...gorgeous)

Maya/Darcel: Hi I'm Darcel, I'm 5'6" and weigh 108 lbs., my favorite color is tan and I enjoy bus rides *wink* (also, her Crystal Gayle hair made me so very too? Thought so)

LeBron/Alexander: Hi I'm Alexander, I'm 6'8" and weigh 240 lbs., I like roasted whole turkeys. (now don't lie to me, you know you want to run your fingers through that greasy jeri curl)

Then they sexy shook it to some of the most undanceable songs ever written. I had never thought about We Built This City as an undanceable, since I hate that song anyway, but you're right! Until the bassline kicks in, it's just sound. Tell me you don't wanna do the mormon shuffle to the chorus though. Eigther way, I know I'll be heading to Urban Outfitters to pick up my copy of the Best Of Solid Gold!

106&Park was good, but only because I'd seriously so thoroughly enjoyed Kanye's first performance, it was nice to see him "humble" himself a bit to mock his recent behaviour. Don't get me wrong, the Kanye drives me nuts, and I can't stand him personally, but the performances he cranks out never seem to disappoint. I can't help but dance to Stronger, and I'll admit, I still listen to his Late Registration album on both my iPod and in my car. You don't get better than Gold Digger. Also, I don't say "broke broke" in the middle, I get to say the N word, but only in that song, and also only because my husband is half negro. (you know I love your brown arse babe, don't hate now...)

So all in all, I was kind of not excited about SNL having season 33 only because last years was so good, but just like Club 33, I'm excited to see what other secrets they have for us this year!


Eliza said...

I'm so sad cause I missed it! I did see the solid gold.

Tippidy said...

i did too but mom and dad dvr-ed it. when u come for dinnysan you can watch it!

Taylor said...

Until Saturday night Lyle Kane was my favorite "unknown/little known about" Will Forte character. It was during the Zack Braff episode and it went a little sumpin' like dis...two, three, four.

"Hey Derr. I'm Lyle Kane. You might not recognize me because I recently started talking at school. I am a cool guy, my Mom can vouch for that. If you get to know Lyle Kane you will find out many interesting things like I am allergic to all types of wheat. Bye Now."

Tippidy said...

oh my gosh tay you are right. mom just said she was wondering where she saw that before haaaahaaaa. i need to go watch it now but i have school to do :(

Eliza said...

okay....I saw the the only one I really care about is the penelope. I youtubed others.

One word for you.... "Caviesel"

Mandy said...

i am mad i missed it. i have been falling asleep so early lately. we will have to come over and watch it on your dvr!

-KJ said...

I am glad I am not the only one who missed it!!!! I didn't know it even had started! I thought it was this weekend!
Alli, Adam is also my on-the-side-skinny-boyfriend, but Kev doesn't know. I wanted to suprise him and take him to their concert for our anniversary, but I made a comment about the concert (just to see how he felt about it) and he said he didn't want to go!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO!!! So sadly I will just be have a concert for one in my car!

ashleyO said...

sad i missed out on this...and also The Office.

Lyd said...

Holy poop on a stick! That was a long post! :)

I too missed out on this. I just forget about it sometimes! :( But at least I didn't miss The Office! hehe At least you are here to keep me posted!

Alli Fantastico said...

Everyone come watch with me! I have them all DVR'd.

Also KJ, I'd have come up to go see M5 with you.

-KJ said...

Stop changing your page to look so cute! I really really really need some help! Can someone educated this retard? The code thing just sounds so scary to me. Help! You know it is bad when your hubby tells you to switch your page up!

Alli Fantastico said...

If Lyd and everyone is busy, we can do it on da phone! Juss call me.

Lyd said...

I can help. Just if you want it in person, you will have to wait until next week. If not, the phone or chat is the only way.