Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Grape Is Favorite

I invented something last night that turned out to be one of our family's most favorite things in the whole world. I have been making rice crispie treats every night not only because of their deliciousness but also because of the lack of energy and effort it takes to create them. So anyway, we made our delicious double batch last night with extra butter and extra marshmallows (so sue me, I'm Paula Dean in training) and at the last minute, I dumped in 3 boxes of grape/strawberry Nerds.

Oh heavenly days.

So because my sister made a list of her "Not my favorites" I decided that I'd count out a few favorite things for you today:

  • rice crispie treats with nerds in them
  • Classic Coke right from the fountain at McDonalds (incidentally, why do we continue to say "classic" even though there hasn't been "new" Coke for a thousand years?)
  • Sonic Ice
  • snuggling in my awesome bed with cool sheets with Mike every night talking (or more often laughing) about our days
  • the ice that's made in Fontana, California that you can buy in the 7 lb. bag from 7-11 here. It's all separated and different sized pieces and it is "cloudy" which assures a softer freeze...it's the air in the water when they freeze it! I'm such an ice pro...once again, one of those many talents I have that will do absolutely nothing for our bank account. (but certainly, it will get me into heaven, right?)
  • Harper holding my cheeks and pulling me to him so he can kiss me. I'm telling you, it's tender.
  • Jonah's love of looking at real estate with me. We do it like 4 times per week, pouring over the MLS online, or Craigslist. We talk about value, location etc. We're scary alike.
  • Kenzie's bangs
  • Tiffany's dancing (think Elaine)
  • Casey's little love letters he writes me all the day
  • excedrin
  • The Avenues in SLC
  • Of Montreal
  • David Archuleta
  • walks after the sun goes down with my family
  • being anywhere with Mike
  • Disneyland, and everything about it
  • digging my feet and toes down into the cool sand just below the surface
  • watching my kids laugh and play together
  • coke slurpees
  • Mu, my favorite restaurant in Redlands or anywhere, for serious
  • Farm, my second favorite restaurant in Redlands or anywhere! It's fresh, it utilizes local produce and meats, it's organic and the atmosphere is phenomenal. We love it! (spendy, but worth an anniversary dinner or special occasion)
  • downtown Redlands
  • the peace and quiet of the celestial room
  • art deco jewelery
  • victorian homes
  • the smell of california
  • the sound of slots at the casinos in Vegas (makes me homesick, even though I don't gamble)
  • Rock Band
  • Guitar Hero!!!
  • technology
  • the internet
  • LDS.org (I often go there just to "search" for something I'm feeling, and read talks and articles to help me through my day. I love modern day scripture)
  • Mike
  • getting my nails did
  • getting my hurr did
  • cousins
  • aunts and uncles!
  • family in general
  • my Yucaipa friends
  • my Utah friends
  • my Vegas friends
  • all of my other friends
  • Hershey's chocolate
  • going to the movies
  • the rain
  • taking a huge swig of cold water when i'm hot and exhausted from being outside
  • IKEA
  • MY CAMERA!!!
  • photoshop CS2!!!
  • Kevin Kubota (photoshop GOD, I'd be nothing without him)

I could go on and on but I won't. I should save some for everyone else to list. Feel free.


Lyd said...

I would have to agree with just about everything on this list except with Hershey's chocolate. I gagged in my brain when I read that. It's not bad, it guess I just like the dark betta then ze mulk. :D

Alli Easley said...

i like dark AND milk. Also, Hershey's has dark, dummeh.

Eliza said...

I could eat Hershey's eggs/kisses/kissables all day LONG!

sixmoores said...

I think that idea of nerds in rice crispie treats sounds really good. As far Hershey's chocolate, it is the only kind I really like--I don't really like chocolate that much (except for rocky road ice cream--real marshmallows, no dark chocolate). I love that you are a connoisseur of ice--that is a rare and cool talent (Nancy would appreciate that). Also, I think it is tremendously cool how much you like Mike.

sixmoores said...

Mike has a lot of them in common...runs in the family. He could look at houses all the time, with my kids (not me) and loves disneyland too.

Alli Easley said...

Mike and Nancy, I think you two need to come and visit us soon. Because you two are favorites as well, not just my Mike.

Stacey said...

ooooooohhh must steal a few of those for my list. Great creativity!

-KJ said...

You know I am going to try them
1. because I love Rice Krispy Treats (Paula Dean style)
2. I love grape/strawberry nerds

Good list. Agreed with all butcept the Redland stuff because I have never been there and the photo shop stuff cause I suck.

shark like a fox said...

wunaful. i want to make a list too!

shark like a fox said...

and i did!

ashleyO said...

love the list. and do you know what makes ice sculpture ice so clear? vibrations make the molecules move and blah blah blah stuff happens and tah dah clear ice. sumpin like dat.

i heart ice. and most of your list. i heart photoshop. and hershey's eggs.

Travis & Natalie Nelson said...

Hey Allison, I have to tell you this. I was on somebodies blog the other day and clicked on easley photgraphy looked at the pic and thought they were so cute. did now that was you. so I called my sister-in-law and was telling her about the pic. Then when my mom told me the other day that you take pic and it was called easley photography. I said to my mom and saw her pic the other day and they are awesome. I love you pic.

Mandy said...

how can you not make rice krispies with extra marshmellow and extra butter? i bet i would have eaten that whole pan already.
have i ever made you the butterscotch rice krispies with the chocolate on top? i will make them for this weeked. oh so yummy!

loved your list too. :)

ashleyO said...

um YUM!!!!!!!!! Scotcheroos!

Sarah said...

Getting creative with the Krispies is VOONDIBAH!! I do it often! (sometimes the results- not so great!)

I love your list!

I agree on the McDonald's Coke! Oh yes I do! That would be why I am not so skinny!