Thursday, August 23, 2007

Favorites Fall Swap

If you haven't noticed, there's a little button for the Favorites Fall Swap on my sidebar. Lindy Funaki who lives in Tooele is a blogger who is always a fun read for me, and she's doing this really fun swap! What happens is, you sign up by THIS FRIDAY NIGHT and on Saturday morning, she pairs all the signees up with another girl and it's like secret sisters from girl's camp. Basically, you spend very little, but you send this person a basket full of your favorite things.

I'm so excited for this! Go sign up!!!

Thanks Lindy for all your hard work!!!



Notice my new background? Mike thought the flowers might be a tad feminine...


Lyd said...

This sounds fun!! I think I might have to do it!

And I always love your backgrounds. Where do you get all of them!?

Alli Fantastico said...

Hey Lyd, Google "Free seamless background texture" and browse a bunch of sites til you find one that you can tile, and more importantly, tile seamlessly. Also, when you're looking for a color or font html code to match your backgrounds, go here to one of these:


and open your background in a new browser, minimize it and put it next to the chart til you find the perfect match.Then just insert that # instead of using the very limited selection that blogger gives you. Blogger needs a better variety, I say.

Alli Fantastico said...

oh and about the backgrounds, I've also been known to haunt scrapbook paper websites and copy the pictures, then crop them so they're seamless. Remember that minnie mouse dress girl? She's from some 1950's fabric (!!!) that I found online, then messed around with it in Photoshop and then used her as a background! I like to google "retro wallpaper" or "retro fabric" etc just to see what's out there.

See, I just found these right now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the circles ones!

just play!

Mike "Bud Duran" Easley said...

...or you can draw with markers on your monitor Lydia. That's how I do mine.

Lyd said...

Yeah, I think that I will do that instead Mike! So don't worry about helping my Alli. ;) Killer picture by the way!

I started looking at the scrapbooking websites, but I couldn't really find anything good. But I will most surely hit up these ones. I might have to give you a call this weekend. I'll let you know.

ashleyO said...

Or lydia....I'll come over to your house or you can come to Liza's... I give tutorials for free as long as you bring the slurpees. jk

i love Mike's idea. sometimes being a kid again is fun. i never got to color on a monitor with a marker when i was a wee baby cuz we didnt have one. then came the Tandy. Yes!

p.s. too bad that i didnt read this until late Friday night. poo stain.

Lyd said...

Did you already go back!? Because I totally want to go over to Liza's! I've actually never been, so that's an even bigger reason for me to go!

Oh, Kevin has this cool computer where you can swivel around the screen so you can lay it flat with the screen facing you. And the screen is touch sensitive. Now I will get to my point to tie it to the convo., there is a paint program that when you use the paint, it actually looks like paint, markers look like markers, crayons look like crayons, and so on! Cool hu! Kev actually painted a picture with paint then printed it out, and he said that it actually looked like it was real paint on the paper. There are other cool details that I could tell you, but I will spare you!