Thursday, August 30, 2007


So one time I knew this boy, who was the cutest boy I'd ever known without argument. So we used to go to lunch when we both lived in Utah and I was single and he was single, so we started to sort of date or whatever. Oh and he danced with me to Baby Baby by Amy Grant so everytime I hear that song I think of sweet daddy Curtis Lord...but I digress.

So we'd go eat at this fantastic indian restaurant and he'd always take a container of couscous to go. Plain, or if they had it, made with chicken broth. One time I tasted it while he had his take out container sitting in between us in his car and he was in getting me a huge diet coke (I know...sinful!) and anyway...yes, the good.

So I've been an addict since, and it feels nice to admit it, frankly. It's little tiny bits of semolina or semoule if you're french, which I know most of you are not, fortunately. So bits of semolina that taste ricey, or pasta-y or something-y but I must tell you...get some, make it with butter and chicken broth and you've got exactly what I fed my baby 2 days in a row now for lunch. Incidentally, Casey has always been a fan. I think I actually have a clip of him at age 3 saying "mama make me couscous"...I will upload it sometime so you can hear it's rediculous cuteness.

Moral of the story:

I am neither Indian nor french, but couscous makes anytime party time!

That is all.


shark like a fox said...

it's also very good made w/ olive oil and a touch of garlic.

I have that clip on my computer. It's rediculously cute. I believe we tried to write a song about it once.

Alli Fantastico said...

Why can't we upload sound bites here on Blogger? We should complain.

ashleyO said...

i hart couscous...i had it all the day in France. Hahaha in your face!

oh and then risotto in Italy. With good. :)

Alli Fantastico said...

oh my goodness I'm such a sucker for risotto. Um hello, creamy ricey pasta-y stuff? Yeah, it doesnt't get better than that...oh wait, yes it does if you're also eating fresh REAL mozzarella, tomato and basil salad.

Um, can you tell I'm starving on this here diet???

shark like a fox said...

you can eat all the mozzarella tomato basil salad you want on the south beach diet =P

Alli Fantastico said...

I know but darlin...carbs are my know that. Didn't we go for pancakes at three A.M. in Bellevue last January??? Oh and I believe we ordered fries, pancakes and nachos was it? See...carbs.

shark like a fox said...

we ordered:
2 (huge) orders of fries
2 order of pancakes
2 salads
1 parmesan chicken sandwich on foccacia
1 side of BBQ
1 side of mayo

we ate:
3 bites of each


shark like a fox said...

OH OH and then the next day we went to the German delicatessen and ordered:
2 Enormous reuben sandwiches
1 appetizer of sesame chicken fingers
2 plates of pickles
2 salads
2 fries

And we ate:


(again crazy pregnant ladies)

Alli Fantastico said...

dude... you have a good memory. I guess you're right, that was January of 2006 when I was up training for my new job in Seattle! This January when I came up there I was training my REPLACEMENT for my awesome job. And this coming winter we're coming up for your wedding...tell me why I don't ever go to the rainiest state in the nation during the sunny summer months?

ashleyO said...

man i eat like that and i aint pregnaaaant!

Alli said...

yes but you're skinny and you tap dance all the fat off of your body. I think about tap dancing sometimes...but it doesn't really cut down on my bum size so much.