Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Eliza tagged me with this, but it's easy, so I'll do it!

Pick up a book you've been reading (what reading? who reads anymore?) or a random book, turn to page 123, go 5 lines down, and type out the next 3 full sentences.

Ok, so I'm reading Greek Thinkers by Prof. Theodor Gomperz, translated by G.G. Berry B.A.

"The one is dominated by a love of purity and by a fear of contamination; the other promotes the cause of morality and civil order. The one is wanting in vigorous self-confidence, and tends to a contrite asceticism; the other exhibits the resolute discipline of an ethical culture, nourished on the arts and on self examination. Among the Orphics it is a religious brotherhood which unites the members of the community, whereas the union of the Pythagoreans takes the form of a semi-political knightly order."

I could not find a picture of it online, so I took one with my camera. Anyway, it was apparently checked out of the University of Redlands Library, and never returned. It was published in 1920 and it's barely holding together...but I have a secret love affair with old books so it works for me. So yeah anyway, Mike's a thief, but so am I. I have SO many unreturned library books from my childhood on. Anyway, it's really a beautiful book, and sometimes I get tired of the baby talk and watching Dora and Boobah, so I'll curl up in the bath with something that moves my mind. The last book I read was a book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families and it was my 3rd time reading it. I suggest it to everyone, honestly. It's inspiring, and it really helps in the parenting area. Good stuff.

Anyway, I tag...

Aimee W!!!
Amanda J!!!
Kjersten B!!!


ashleyO said...

now my head hurts.

Kristen said...

I thought you were reading Twilight...is this your LIGHT reading? Ha! Like I'd even be able to figure out a sentence in that book!

Alli Easley said...

Kristen...SHUT YOUR FACE! You're smart as a whip and oh guess what, my son has an obvious crush on you...that should count for something. Oh and when I left your house today, he cried when he saw you shutting your door! What the!?!? You're his girlfriend, and Aimee is his second mom. Funny boys! Oh and I am reading Twilight, but I don't like admitting that.

Ash...mine too. I need caffeine!

Mandy said...

great thinkers? not me...i should start reading more thinking books though. i have mostly been reading fluff books. hey at least im reading. :)

Kristen said...

I'm so glad Harper thinks I'm his girlfriend...he is too cute!!! It's funny because I don't think he's even noticed me before today!!! I wish I would have known back when I was dating that all it took was waving to a cute guy to have him hooked...I would have had tons more HOT boyfriends!!!

I was smart back before I started having kids and my brain turned to mush!!!

Oh...and I didn't know the Twilight thing was a secret...I WON'T TELL ANYONE! (that's me shouting it from the roof-tops:)) LOVE YA!!!

Lyd said...

Yeah, just wait till you read my tag. It's great. It just shows how intellectual I am.