Friday, February 22, 2008


Ok, so Amanda (Mandi) tagged me. She actually had two memes on there, so I'll do both quickly to get it over with ;)

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
c. At the end of the post, the player tags some people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know they are tagged.

10 years ago I was: A mother of 2 girls, and a 10 month old baby boy named Jonah! I owned my first house, I was the camp director and the primary chorister in my ward. My best friend was Tori Johnson ( I love Tori! ) and I couldn't believe that I was so oooooooold! (24? Please. Give me 24 again any day...)

5 things on my to do list for today: 1. Pay bills 2. Finish cleaning bedroom 3. finish editing a job 4. Laundry 5. email Kristen about her wedding tonight! I wish I could have been there :(

4 things I would do if I became a billionaire: 1. Buy a beach house in La Jolla. 2. Travel with my siblings and family and parents!!! 3. Have Curtis help me design my dream house 4. Buy my kids new clothes and shoes!

3 bad habits: 1. Not exercising daily. 2. Eating pasta like 3-4 times per week 3. DVR'ing everything and anything on tv that looks remotely interesting.

5 places I have lived: 1. Las Vegas 2. Yucaipa California 3. Puyallup Washington 4. Salt Lake City 5. San Diego

5 jobs I have had: 1. Mom 2. Photographer 3. Exec. Asst. 4. Teller 5. ear piercer (Topkapi/Claire's in the Crossroads Mall)

6 Things most people don't know about me:
  1. I read in the tub. Almost every night.
  2. I have to shave my legs before I go to bed, I can't stand stubble on sheets...gross! It's like fingernails on a chalk board
  3. I find an article on a gospel topic every day from or similar (a past conference talk, a lecture, an article in a church publication) and I pretend I'm going to be tested on it so that I really soak it all in.
  4. I want to go to school and get my bachelor's degree, and maybe even more, time/money/family permitting.
  5. I sometimes feel like I'm spiritually inferior to my siblings. I think this stems from my rebellion 20 years ago and guilt relating to that period of time.
  6. I never knew true love until I was 32 years old. (not including the love you feel for your babies)
And another one:

One word. First word that comes to your mind. No explaining. Not as easy as you think.

1. Where is your cell pone? Purse
2. Your hair? Ghetto
3. Work? constantly
4. Your Father? loving
5. Your favorite thing? family
6. Your dream last night? none
7. Your favorite drink? ice
8. Your dream car? jet
9. The room you are in? office
10. Your fears? disappointing
11. What do you want to be in ten years? healthy
12. Who did you hang out with last night? Michael
13. What you are not good at? tons
14. Muffin? GLASS! (actually blueberry)
15. One of your wish list items? Utah
16. Where you grew up? Vegas
17. Last thing you did? play
18. What are you wearing? jeans
19. What aren't you wearing? socks
20. Your pet? which?
21. Your computer? Dell
22. Your life? amazing
23. Your mood? peaceful
24. Missing? everyone
25. What are you thinking about right now? money
26. Your car/truck? Odyssey
27. Your summer? beach
28. Your relationship status? blissful
29. Your favorite color? Pink
30. When was the last time you laughed with meaning? today
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday
32. School? ugh
33. Least favorite weather? hot
34. Soup? onion
35. Movie? Sleepless

K, I know this part sucks but I tag:



Kristen said...

you're making me think after last night?!!!

Alli Easley said...

YES! Now do it!

Eliza said...

Was your laughter today caused by our "which disney character are you like" conversation?

AND You are a smart gospel girl you nut! AND strong!

Alli Easley said...

Hahaha yes Eliza. I'm still laughing at the Quasi jokes. Goodness...

Mandy said...

whay is it called a meme anyway and kristen why havent i ever been invited to your blog? :(
i love reading these memes (ewww i dont like that they are called that. its just as bad as blog!)
and im with are gospel smart but i knw how you feel. i feel the same way about myself in your family. :)

Mandy said...

and i want to know which disney character im most like!

Matt and Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alli Easley said...

Mandy, that Kristen is not the Kristen you're talking about. The Kristen who commented above is Kristen in my ward. The Kristen you're talking about it getting married in um...approximately 3.5 hours! YAY!

Amanda, you're the sweetest. You and Eliza and Mandy are all so nice to say nice things.

Oh and Mandy, you're totally Snow White...with blonde hair.

Matt and Amanda said...

Ok, I'll start over...I forgot how to spell for a second!

Ali, I don't think you should feel less because you are AMAZING! You are on of the most amazing people I know. I know how you feel though! As you know, I had lots of rebel times too and I still feel I cannot measure up! I get so scared just saying the prayer in church, so imagine how i freaked when I had to talk in Stake Conf! Don't be so hard on yourself!!!!

Mandy, What? You are the example of the best FHE doing mom ever! Inferior? I think NOT!

Alli Easley said...

Oooo, whoops, Amanda deleted her comment!!!

Mandy said...

yes...snow white! now i wanna know what you guys are. :)
FHE is easy. i have babies. my lessons are .5 minutes long. have you ever been in a room with taylor and his parents when they are discussing the gospel. i love it becasue they are all so knowledgable but half the time i have to ask taylor to explain things to me later. oh and reading the scriptures...i have to use the big family scriptures that break it down for you. it also has pictures. haha oh well, im just a work in progress.
also i think all the trials/rebelious times people may have in their lives makes them that much stronger. dont worry about your past, no one else does. its only what you do now and in the future that matters.

sorry i confused the kristens...:( horray for her wedding today though.

Alli Easley said...

I love you Miss Mandy. How lucky am I that I get to have a sister like you? Oh and you need to know that in our family, you're one we all admire. You're the best mom, so sweet to Taylor, such a patient example. Honestly, you're the best!

Alli Easley said...

Oh and I'm Ariel. Ha! Where did that come from. Too bad Liza's Pocahontas...hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Matt and Amanda said...

All right who am I? Matt says Cinderella....Ha Ha! Just because I have been doing housework all day, Yuk!

Carla said...

Alli, you are an amazing woman. I sure hope that you know that! And 34...please! Do your remember how much older I am than you? Forget it.

Eliza said...

Shut it on the pocahontas! That was the stupid quiz with the swimming costume question. I was Belle and snow white!

ashleyO said...

Snow White all the way baby! I have 7 guy friends that I could never like. and each of their names is one of my many moods of the day...and then there is the guy that watches me from beyond the wall...not all are that Prince. K i'm going to stop there cuz i could keep going.

ashleyO said...

oh and 10 years ago you were my age! Weird. Were you really my age when Tori was the bff? i know what it's like to feel old! Or young? Which is it?

Lyd said...

What's Lance and Matt?

And I love that every one of us has at least one of the same answers! HOLF F we're amazing!

ashleyO said...

hahaha Lance is Trendy and Matt is Spacey.

shauna said...

And all of your friends are little too, right Snow White? I just can't figure out if I am Tweedle Dee or Tweedle DUM...Probably the Dumb one....

Alli Easley said...

you're Dee...Susan's Dum! Hahaha...I just wanted to say "Susan's Dum"...but mostly because she hasn't figured out how to comment yet. heh.

Eliza said...

Alli is Allison Wonderland. I swear when I was little I was so jealous that her name was a Disney Movie.

ashleyO said...

hey! beeee nice mother....not all of them.

Alli Easley said...

I am Allison Wonderland, that's my screen name on the Disney boards.

Lyd said...

Yeah, we need to work on my muzza with this stuff.