Friday, February 8, 2008

Engine Engine Number 9

Today is Casey's 9th Birthday!!!

He's actually sittting next to me on the other computer playing Neopets, but I wanted to surprise him with a blog post since he thinks that means he's famous. In a few days, if you Google Search his name, this post will come up.

Casey, when you were born, I was so relieved. I was on bed rest nearly all of the 8 months you were in my tummy. The doctors made me strap something on my belly all day while we were laying on the couch that told nurses in Arizona if I was standing up, if I was drinking all of my 2 gallons daily of water, and if I was treating my body nicely. It wasn't fun, but even then, you were a sweetpea and tolerated it all so well.

When we brought you home, Nana came over and held you on the couch and said "Wow, this baby is staring at me with huge eyes. This is how Ashley was. He'll probably be sweet like Ashley" and guess what, you ARE! Each of you reminds me of one of my siblings, and let me tell and your Aunt Ashley are soul twins. You're so caring, and sweet, and helpful, and you couldn't hurt a fly. How lucky you are to be like her. And how lucky for the world that you are who YOU ARE.

You're the first one to draw us pictures on Mother's and Father's day. For Christmas this year, you surprised us in our bedroom with a card for each of us. It was so personal, and there's no mistaking the love you put into it. Your attention to detail, and the personal touches that you always add just melt our hearts, and we love you for that.

You're artistic, and you love to create things. You could be left in a room with legos and a pad of paper and colored pencils for hours...days even! Your latest thing is to draw a picture of a structure...a house, a building, a hospital...and then to recreate it in what you call your "artists model". If you only knew that you were walking down the line of an architect. Remember what you love to do in your life, and do whatever you can to achieve that for yourself. If you grow up to do something that you'll be a happier person.

Sometimes living in a house that has 5 kids in it can be intimidating. Sometimes you might feel like you get lost in the hustle. You're in no way the most needy, the loudest, the most aggressive, but know this...WE LOVE YOU. We know you're there, and we thank Heavenly Father for you every night when we pray together in our bedroom. You're the second to the youngest, and you're in no way the second to last in order of favorites. We have no favorites. We really don't. Each of you is so special, and're an amazing kid.

Nine is scary, you're almost a teenager, and all your teenage emotions are just around the corner, but don't rush it. Enjoy 9. Enjoy the treasures that come from leaning on us to take care of your needs while you spend every minute of your life learning about this world around you, studing about things you love, playing with everything you can reach, and soaking in the blessings that come from being righteous.

Casey, today is your birthday. You didn't want a cake until Nana and Grandpa came, so we went and got you 2 pies from Marie Calendar's. I asked you what you wanted and you said you wanted something lemony for the adults and something with berries for the kids. What a funny kid you are. So thoughtful, and always taking care of other's needs. There isn't a kid or adult in this house who doesn't love you Casey, and today...remember that. You are surrounded by 2 sisters, 2 brothers and 2 parents who love you more than anything in the world. You are so awesome...and you are so loved.


Mama and Dah-ee


-KJ said...

Oh! How I loved that!!!
Happy Birthday Casey!!! We want you here in Utah with us. I remember when your mom was pregnant with you and had to be monitored all day. You were worth it!
Alli, how is it that you have birthed THREE MALE models and two supermodel daughters? All so beautiful!
P.S. Don't you love February and August at Marie Calenders?!! Semi annual pie sale!!! Double cream lemon please (with whipped cream on the ENTIRE top)!

Eliza said...

Happy Birthday Casey! My boys miss you and can't wait to visit soon. I just remember when you were little and you ALWAYS had to have something of yourself touching your cute.

ps. If Casey is like Ashley, who is like me?

shauna said...


We are so excited to come to California next weekend and celebrate your birthday with you. Thanks for waiting for us.

We love you. All of our grandchildren are special, but you are the quiet one who gives great hugs and good smiles.

Everything your sweet mom said are SOOO true. We are so lucky to have you in our family..


Love, Nana

shark like a fox said...

Happy Birthday, C-note!

Lyd said...


How fun, 9 years old. This is a fun age. You're old enough to have reckless fun, still be innocent, but still have great responsibilities. It only get's better. (me thinks) Take advantage of being 9!!

The Parrish Family said...

Okay! So can I just say that I remember holding Casey when he was newborn and you guys were calling him"kitty Casey"! I think it was because he sounded like a kitty! All I know is I wanted to take him home and not bring him back! I think it was at Stacy Nelson's Wedding? Casey you are a sweetie! And I feel old!!!!!! 9 years old...

Alli Easley said...

Thanks everybody. He read all of your comments and blushed.

Kj, YES! I love pie month! Oh how I love it so.

Liza, Mackenzie is you. Soooooo you. That's awesome too, it's a blessing for her. Her wit, her sarcasm, her calmness...all you. Even her laugh is you. Awesome. Jonah is um...uh totally Taylor. Like a crazy sick match. Tiff reminds me of myself, and Harper, well we'll see but he's turning out to be a lot like Mike. Who knows.

Mom, I took him over to ride 4 rides today at Disneyland because we want to go with you guys next week. Mike took off next Friday for when you guys come. We're so excited! So excited!

Tiffany, I do remember calling him Kitty Casey. He was a lil kitten, so tiny and his lil cry was totally kitten like wasn't it???

Lyd, thanks! He doesn't want to grow up kid right?

Kristen, he laughed at your Cnote. He said you always have a sweet ghetto name for him.

Mandy said...

happy birthday casey from all the oblads in san diego!

Matt and Amanda said...


ashleyO said...

So I win for rudest aunt! My computer was being silly and it still is but I did NOT once forget your birthday!!!

Chappy Bahvdai Vandamahk deah fren!

Monkey!...I totally think we are one in the same. I use to build structures all the day with marshmallows and toothpicks. I too would draw every second I could get and I still do!!! We both are huggy fellahs that like to do all the cool dance moves. Plus we are thoughtful...there i said it...we are! We rock the Casbah!

Oh and P.S. I was told that I could go into being an architect in those high school career placement tests. Yup that's right. Sometimes I wish I did but I just want to be a mom one day! and have kiddies like all of us! I love you kiddo and I miss your face 87 times a day. I can't wait to see you...WHENEVER THAT HAPPENS!!! Soon brothah fren...soon!


ashleyO said...

Oh P.S. I use to have a picture up of you in my room my freshman year and all the girls looooved it...they said you were such a cute thing and if they were your age they would have a crush on you! oooo college girls bro!