Friday, March 9, 2007

We're off to LV for the LAST TIME until forever

So Casey turned 8, and you know what that means in Mo-Land. Baptism! Anyway, we're on our way to Las Vegas for some good old fashioned family time.

Ashley, I'm glad you got a blog, you turdface. Ok, so I expect all of you cousins/sibs to blog before I get back so that I may enjoy reading them upon my return.

Also, this is our genie puppet. Jonah used to think it was the devil when he was a baby. Haha, oh man. I loooooooooooove scarin babies!


-KJ said...

I think scaring babies comes from the amount of fear my dad instilled in you when you were a child. Wait, that was all of us. Remember The Excorsist? I tried repressing that, but it didn't work. Have fun in Vegas. Your kids are getting so big!

Alli Fantastico said...

haha, I think you're right. Also, I came home from Vegas today. We got to Barstow last night, and I woke up SO sick, I have no voice, so....

we postponed the baptism and the kids went to Joe's for the weekend anyway to spend time with his family, and they're bringing them home tomorrow night.

But yes...your dad is/was evil. I luff him.

Lyd said...

I wish that I could go to Vegas...nice and real warm! It's like 50 degrees here, so that means short sleeves baby! Yeah!

Tori said...

I can't believe you still have that puppet.

I can't believe Casey is that old.

I can't believe you love scaring babies.

Wait, yes I can.

Eliza said...

That puppet is a new one. The original puppet belongs to me and Curtis. She copied!

Alli Fantastico said...

Yes, I bought that puppet off of ebay about a year ago. I loved Eliza's so I found it. Yay!

Also, yes. I love scaring babies, its highlarious!