Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Gaslamp Party Time - An Update Requested By Kjersten, the hotness

Last weekend Mike and I went on a little trip to be "Alli and Mike" and not "mom and dad" for a day or 6. We ended up in San Diego after a super un-long drive, and headed out to the Gaslamp District. People. Gaslamp. Holy awesome.

First of all, there are forty BILLION people there, which can be annoying, but for Mike and I, it's entertainment of the purest (and cheapest/white trashiest) sort. We parked our butts at Croce's, this awesome restaurant with sidewalk seating and ordered. I had some kind of awesome goat cheese and walnut and field greens salad and a bowl of french onion soup so good I could have made out with it all night long. Mike got Ahi sashimi style which is basically raw, but it had this ginger stuff on it with sesame seeds and holy, it was amazing. Anyhoo, while we were enjoying our dinner, this guy in a wheelchair rode by selling gum. He was not a mexican child, so I passed. But still, this old black dude waving gum packets in the air from his wheelchair looked so awesome til it got awesomer when this youngish (25?) guy walked up with his girlfriend and started doing magic tricks for the old black crippled dude. The young guy had on a 3 piece light gray suit and a bowler hat and he was dancing around while his hippy chick girlfriend did some sweet dancing for him too. So awesome.

Next, we saw a young lass of approx. 22 aproach our vicinity in what appeared to be a handkerchief tied about her plump frame. We'll call this girl "hobag" because that's what she was. Also, she was drunk, which makes her totally awesome. Drunk hobags in snotrags, that's what life is all about.

Ok so then, this dude walked up to me with no shirt on, looking like Fabio, and in his best HulkHogan voice growled to my face "I CAN'T AFFOOOOOORD NO SHIRT!" and flexed and then walked off.

Fortunately for us, we love this garbage. Its the spice of life, not unlike Cumin is for mexicans or Oregano for the eye-talians.

Also, old people salsa dancing like they're about to eat eachother alive is sweet. You know the type, staring into eachother's eyes, making "rawr" noises at eachother, rubbin bellies together and spazmatic jerking on the dancefloor...mmmhmm...that's what I call romance.

So anyway. That's a quick update.

When ya'll comin to visit?


Mandy said...

we are still mad you didnt come see us! bytheway, did you get your camera?

-KJ said...

Oh yes, she got her camera! yes she did! Alli, even if you wanted to, I don't think you could pay for entertainment that good! We love that trash too. Butcept I start laughing too loud that it embarasses my hubby, and attracts unwanted attention.

-KJ said...

Some jokes courtsey of Mr. John Riley Baker Oblad:
How does an eye-talian say astronaut?
How does an eye-talian say refrigerator?

Little E said...

So Mike Man, what do you think about Ali callin ya "white trash"? Maybe I read that part wrong ha, ha. Anyways sounds like a great trip. One thing I must say Ali, you have a gift for expressing imagery in writing, reading it was like I was there watching the people myself!

I wonder what the look on peoples' faces will be like when they look back on some of the scenes of their life after they die and enter a new world with minds free of whatever the heck they were high on in this life.

I bet you'd here stuff like "Shut it off! Shut it off!" or "Am I being Punked?" or better yet, "Just kill me now! Crap, I'm already dead."

Alli Fantastico said...

Mandy, I know, we didn't wanna bug ya'll. 2 weeks from now lets do a beach trip! I'll take pictures!

KJ - oh man, John RB Oblad sure does tell a good joke. How about the elephant jokes? He's crazy.

Little e - Mike said that he thinks white trash is hot, that's why he married me. oooooooo, DAYUM!

Also e, thanks for the compliment on the writing...I try ;)

-KJ said...

hey alli, did you ever know that our mom's read your journal when you were a teenager? anywho, all I remember my mom saying was that you were an extremely talented writer and that it read like a movie! What a compliment from someone who was invading your privacy!

-KJ said...

Ha ha! You changed your header comment! you're welcome!

Alli Fantastico said...

Oh yes, I knew. I also planted stories in there so they'd flip out. I'm sure I wrote a bit much since they sent me to death camp usa! Hiphip!

Also, I believe the "compliments" were spoken like this (from my mother, whom I seriously adore for real, don't get me wrong):

"Too bad you're a lying liar face, maybe you should write stories or books, you dang liar lying lie." -Shauna

Mandy said...

i would agree with all this talk about your writing skillz... even though you told me to stuff it on my blo!

Mandy said...

i meant blog

Alli Fantastico said...

haha, you know I ♥ ya, Mandy darlin.

Oh and Kissy, thank you for the header idea, its freakin sweeeeeeeeet

-KJ said...

I think Sak a wan obla was just jealous cause she isn't quite, how do I say it, as elequent as you! Ha ha. I'm a jerky jerkerson!

Alli Fantastico said...

haha, tru dat...on the eloquence.

Also I just posted a sweet picture of a hobo wearing a denim dress for you, KJ, in honor of our mothers who wear matching ones every day.

Lyd said...

I personally loved the way the imagery shown forth in the tango latin dancing section. Very well done with the sick visuals.

Alli Fantastico said...

Thank you Lyd, they were so awesome to watch. So gross.