Thursday, February 1, 2007

Oh The Humanity!!!

My children, they eat everything I ask them not to. My 8 year old, Casey...he decided to eat my new Cottage Cheese Doubles this morning when I specifically expressed to him personally on Saturday that he gets Pringles/M&M's/grapes/apples etc. whenever he asks for them politely, but that I, his Mother, am only snacking on things like cottage cheese, fresh basil, hot house tomatoes and pineapple.

He looked up at me with his ginormous blue eyes and proceeded to flop (in slow motion/matrix style) onto my feet whilst weeping in inaudible gurgling noises of terror that when translated by my super kid ears said:

"I need cottage cheese. Need it! I can't sleep at night because of my need for more cottage cheese! I hate Pringles/M&M's/grapes/apples etc. and your cruelty will not be tolerated, Mother. Listen to me when I say it! I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS INSOLENCE!"

I pulled a rootbeer popcicle out of the freezer, on a whim, and what to my wondering eyes did appear? A very happy child who suddenly forgot all about the tragedy that is his deprived life. Poor child, he'll starve...I just know it. One cannot live on 7 meals alone!

..........trés sigh.

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