Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh Crunch Ice, How I Adore Thee

This morning, we woke up to a misty kind of air. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 7:39 am, and wanted to punch myself in the face for not being able to sleep in on weekends!!!! What has work done for me? On my first real weekend with no traveling to do, I couldn't even sleep past 8. Nice. Anyway, I stood up and looked out my bedroom window and saw Kenzie, Jonah and Casey dancing in the grass in the rain. You'd think these people hadn't ever seen rain in their lives the way they were celebrating.

Harper thinks its hilarious that he has siblings who laugh at him, so he laughs when he sees them, which in turn makes them laugh that he's laughing at them, and the cycle continues til everyone is laughing hysterically. It's so cute! We'll have to put up some videos.

So Eliza and Curtis and their respective chitlins are coming down here in a month and we can hardly contain ourselves. We're going to make a paper chain, not unlike the one Mr. Taylor and Mandy made last fall. (See exhibit A below)

I am also obsessed lately with AM/PM's "Crunch" ice. They have new machines at all/most of the stores around here that have the left side showing a sign for "Crunch" and the right side facilitating a "Cube" variety. The cube ice is just what they say, cubes of frozen water but the crunch side, which by the way I feel should be "Crunchy" because only asians say "you want crunch ice?" So soddy, mother in law, but I can't agree with this. Anyway, the glory of the crunch ice that I fondly call "rabbit poop" ice is enough for me to overlook the signage and invest in a 64 oz cup which they so generously let you refill for $.35. This is a huge savings for me, as I typically get myself a diet C0ke at the store daily for work as to appease my caffeine fix, while the rest of my co-workers slam huge mugs of Starbucks down their gullets all day long. I'm very happy with our move to California so far, let me list the reasons to you now in bullet form:

  • Crunch ice, for reasons previously discussed above.
  • 70 degree Februarys
  • Disneyland within 35 miles of our front door
  • IKEA
  • A new start and a chance to relax and be kids for the children in the house. We don't have to answer the phone when offensive parties call. Simple!
  • Disneyland within 35 miles of our front door
  • IKEA
  • The beach an hour or less (depending on traffic, holy crap traffic in Orange County is like death upon my soul) (Also, the traffic here makes me have tourettes, not unlike my recent bout with Christmas Tourettes)
  • Crunch Ice
I capitalized the "I" in ice on that last one because it deserved it.

Now I'm off to make funeral/cheesey potatoes and ham and fresh green beans for the family, and then to make a cake for Casey's birthday dinner. It's sunday, but if you're so inclined, bring me some Crunch ox is in the meyer.


Tori said...

Oh yes, we have the crunch vs. cubed ice at QT stores here in Arizona. Of course if a QT is in my path, I will take a minute and fill up with the crunch ice as I like crunch ice also. Crunch ice, crunch the crunch ice.

We get our keys to our new house today! I will blog about it when I am no longer having anxiety attacks every 27 minutes.

Alli said...
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Alli Fantastico said...

Yes! Santan! We'll drive up the 10 to help you move in anytime!

Kjersten said...

You need to start buying bags of Crunch Ice like me ma does (she gets hers from Sonic though). That way you can start crunching at 7:37am when you can't sleep in on Saturdays. By the way it is the best when you only use your front four teeth to eat it!

Eliza said...

I just bought the crunch ice bag from sonic and emptied my ice bin out of my freezer and replaced it with the crunch ice so I can have it from my own house!!!!!!!!!!

Alli Fantastico said...


Eliza said...

Hey Kj, Why doesn't your dad buy your mom her own machine to put in the secondary dining room..oh I missed Thankgiving. You could hardly tell it was a garage it was all dresses up!