Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh Harper, Just Take A Nap Already!!!

So Harper is now officially diagnosed the biggest social butterfly in California. He talks to EVERYONE....EVERYWHERE we go. Non stop. Its hilarious. When we're watching tv or talking amongst the other 6 of us and he'll scream like a banshee til we pay attention to him, then he lights up. I realize that all babies like attention, blah blah blah but let me tell you...this kid is high maintenance. His first pediatrician said that he thought he was a high need baby. This fit until he started to maul Taylor's baby Dylan. He sees that kid and has to have him. When he hears us all laughing, he sqeals...not that "cute" baby squeal but the piercing kind of screech that breaks glass. Foreedo!

Here's Harper, trying to eat Dylan. Notice Dylan is in fear of his life, and Harper's got the look like "if you just let me hold you, I'll just love you til you're in my belly!"

Poor Dylan.

Also, when our chihuahua's saw Casey's new robot birthday bike, they barked at it for 30 minutes, no less. They hate robots apparently.


shark like a fox said...

Ethan looks at you expectantly for applause every time he does anything. and if you dont look at him, he shouts at you until you look up.

The Oblad Family said...

Dylan looks so scared...which is crazy because he normally likes other babies. Hes sick today!! So sad, he has been sleeping like all day. I wish i could do that

Alli Fantastico said...

Kris - I know, he's such a ham...cute cute boy.

Mandy - Awwww. Kiss his lil face for me. All these crazy boy babies! I swear.

Lyd said...

That picture is awesome! I love it!

-KJ said...

You need to make Harper a diaper thong like on SNL, and he would totally look like Sumo Baby! Really, I want a picture of that, and the credit!

Little E said...

This picture is National Geographic quality man! Maybe just pose them with a spear in the hand, a swarm of bees flying around their heads and a bunch of naked natives running around in the background and you'll be off to the races. Cute kids though!
P.S. How do you guys get those wicked awesome youtube links that you can watch on your blog by just clicking the play button rather than sending the person off to some other website to view your video. I promise if you tell me I'll make some funny ace videos for your to watch in your spare time! Love your guys! Eric

Alli Fantastico said...

E! Haha, I know. These cousins are hungry for eachother like you and Tay were back in the day.

About the YouTube. When you are watching a video, look over where it says "EMBED", copy that and then paste it anywhere you want it to show up. That's it! Now...get on the video. I expect it to be good!