Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pirates and Big Ol' Bellies

I have to tell you, there's been a little bit of everything going on over in the Easley house. First off, my mother in law and sister in law came all last weekend and stayed til Tuesday. I think I already told you that but it was so exciting so...I had to tell you again!  Anyway...

Then, on Monday, I found out how dilated I was and then Dr. Menendez said "so you'll be having this baby before next week!  But let's just make another appointment for next Monday just in case you don't..."  Well...I didn't.

I won't.

My body is holding onto this baby for dear life. I swear he's about to fall out, gross I know, but still that's how it feels!  And I'm contracting like...constantly. In 7-11 the other day I had to do that stupid thing you see women on TV do when they're in labor. I've never experienced this pain outside of the hospital, but I had to stop where I was and grab onto the nearest sturdy structure, which happened to be a huge display of baseball cards with gum, gummi peach rings and Granny B's pink frosted cookies. I stood there holding onto the rack with one hand and my other hand was on my lower stomach as I leaned forward and said "oohhhhhhhhh my gosh, ohhhh holy night..." over and over. Hey, it's better than the F word I figure.

Anyway, came home, been home for days, no baby.

I did however get some amazing maternity pictures done with the fantastic gals at Pure Photography and Design. (click!) They're really good friends of mine and just as sweet as they are talented.  I love them.

Never have I ever had pictures done of me while pregnant, and never have I loved a photo of myself like I do some of these.

This is our last baby, for sure, and I just wanted to get some shots of me when I was juuuuuust about due, and this is what happened. Typically, I shoot maternity shots for women when they're about 32 weeks along so they don't feel too big and gross, but really, I wanted to capture the true size and look of me with this last sweet baby we're being blessed with.

We laughed our way through the shoot and halfway through we saw this couple who was so bizarre. He had a fedora on and was about 100 lbs and 5'11" and she was about 5' tall and as round as she was tall. Oh and she was older than his 25'ish years old. I figure she was about 40 but either way, they walked around with a point and shoot, following us, and following everyone else at the amphitheater. We saw them leave around 7:30 pm and about 8ish we wrapped up our shoot because it was getting dark.

We stood at the trunk of my car chatting for about 20 minutes til an older gentlemen came up to us and asked us if we'd been broken into. Our cars, you know?  And I checked my car...nope.  Crystal checked her truck...nope. Rachel checked her minivan...YEP!  She'd had her purse stolen and all of her id's and credit cards and some checks. The poor guy was a scout leader leading his boys on a clean up the park activity, and while they were cleaning up the area, they broke into his minivan too and stole his wife's purse that he'd accidentally brought with him!

So sad and scary, so we called the police and of course he thought we were nuts when we told him that we thought a pirate lady with a patch and a young skinny man with a fedora had been seen in the area right when the stuff was stolen. Reports were filled out and we all left and went home. The cop said they'd had reports all over American Fork that night and that the purses and wallets were being stolen and then the cards were being used in as little as 15 minutes. Can you believe some people?

Anyway, I seem to attract the weirdos in the world and I'm so glad I do. I live a pretty darn fun life. I'm not complainin'!


Kati said...

Alli those pictures are SO cute!! I love them!!! Can't wait to hear when you baby comes!! It will be soon I'm sure!!! Love reading your blog!! :)

Kris said...

Goodness, I feel for you. Happiness is knowing that you're almost done and then the fun part begins. Sleepless nights! Woohoo!
Are you sure you're done? My baby of 4 just turned four and I still have regrets of not having more. You're family is larger than mine, but I just didn't like knowing that I would never ever have another baby. Mind games, I swear. Anyhoo...good luck this week and I'll be thinking about ya. Oh yeah, I actually ate a Grandma Pink Frosted cookie last week!! First time in years!!!

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Oh my gosh, I would loved to have seen you at 7-11 holding onto the baseball card/cookie/gummi ring rack. And 'oh holy night'?? Girl I would've died. I hope you get to see that sweet lil baby soon! Your belly shots are gorgeous. I'm glad you purse didn't get jacked by the pirate wench. That would've been a crappy end to your beautiful day!

jori-o said...

your pics are beautiful. best of luck to you mama!