Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here's Some Fun Stuff For You and You and YOU!

From the lack of posting on ALL of my friends and families blogs, I'm assuming you're all like us...busy as crap, am I right?!

Anyway, update for ya. I started to pass a kidney stone last weekend and the week before, and all I could do was pound the ibuprofen and take hot baths. Still working on it, but that's all I wanna say on that matter. Secondly, I was walking around in my bedroom the other night and when I was getting my jammies on, I jammed my right big toe sideways into something sharp and looked down to see what it was and saw what I thought was a thumb tack sticking out of my foot. As I pulled on the end of it, I could feel this horrible tearing sensation on the total opposite side of my toe and as I pulled on it, it kept coming...and coming...and coming until the very end came out and what did I see? (click the picture to see the real deal) Well Mike was right there and he immediately stood up and went to grab me a towel to put on it since it started bleeding right away. The dang thing had a hook on the end of it and it tore out a little hamburger looking piece of my toe pad! Sick! It was like 1 1/2 inches long and omg. Seriously. It hurt so stinkin bad I forgot all about my kidney stones for like 30 minutes. It still hurts like a BIATCH! But I digress...(as usual)

So the next day (yesterday), I went to shoot the rest of the 8-9 families for the Young Women's fund raiser, and one of our friends who is a doctor came and checked it out. He looked and prodded and poked and eventually he just said "yeah, this is not good. You need antibiotics and a doctor...go". Fun times and by the way, if your legs are hurting just reading this story (you know who you are) say Aye!

K, so the rest of the people here are good. We've had the usual bugs going around, stuffy noses and stomachy flu stuff, but nothing major at all to report. Kenzie is on the honor roll, so is Casey, and Jonah is on the jr. honor roll meaning he got A's and B' that's good!

I've been shooting like crazy, and Mike's just been doing the same ol' thing as usual.

Anyway, off topic...I was looking for more of those Remixed Trailers, and came across some really awesome ones:

Sleepless In Seattle: The Thriller

School of Rock: Hide Your Children

Garden State: A Murder Mystery

American Pie: A Murderous Tale (they say the "s" word in the trailer)

When Harry Met Sally: A Story of Obsession (billy crystal says the "f" word, but still this is absolutely brilliant)

The 10 Commandments: A High School Comedy 3000 Years In The Making

Good Will Hunting: A Terrifying Thriller

Cocktail: An Epic Bollywood Classic (this is the winning entry for the 2006 NY AICE Trailer Park competition...and rightly so. This one is genius.)

Citizen Kane: The Pimp Remix

Taxi Driver: A Sweet Romantic Comedy

Brokeback To The Future: A Romance That Could Never Be (totally not dirty, but absolutly hilarious and this one)

Top Gun: Another Romance That Could Never Be (also a brokebackish theme, still...don't tell me you didn't know this one was coming)

Freddy Got Redone: A Tale Of Survival (I cannot believe this was
possible, this movie is so foul and not touching...and they turned it into something I'd see)

Must Love Jaws: A Touching Comedy About Friendship

Dumb and Dumber: The Horror!!!

The Big Lebowski: A Crime Thriller (so good, I love Jeff Bridges in this)

K so are you sick of trailers? Well...just watch a few and when you're bored and it's midnight and you wanna see something truly smart and brilliant, just watch more of these. I love this kind of stuff because it:

  1. exposes the deception in advertizing
  2. teaches the world that art isn't always paintings and sculptures and that art is being created every day in the most diverse and unique ways.
  3. Shows me that people still use their imaginations in this world...and that's such an important part of living and playing. are a few pics of my lastest endeavors.

Peace out!


The Bloomfield Family said...

Love the pics...and "Go TO THE DOC!"...YES...I'm harrassing you by blog as well as phone!

The Parrish Family said...

OMG!OMG!OMG!I am dying right now girl! YUCK!!! So glad that I am done reading that post..YIKES!
Hey awesome pics too! You are so good!
Hey and one more thing......could you PLEASE help me with changing my blog page. Just explain it to me and hopefully I can do it on my own?!? Thanks.

Eliza said...

hello tetanus.... and hello lady did you do that after I called or before I called you yesterday?

sick sick sick 9438793 times!

Stacey said...

Email me your address please!

Mandy said...

ummm 1. i have not been slacking on my posting which is more than i can say for the rest of you. legs ares till hurting!
3. the pics are GREAT. i cant wait for you to do ours! did the cookies turn out?

-KJ said...

It hurts all the way to my finger tips! Oh stop the insanity!!!
Can I tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Kenzie. Ok, I will. I LOVE it. Great eye.
One of these nights I WILL catch up on those trailers. They are so funny.

-KJ said...


-KJ said...

Seriously. Nasty. Hurty. Shiver.

shauna said...

My legs are falling Taylor would way aheeeeeeeeeeee!!!
I wish I had known about the stones, toe crucifixion, etc. Did you go to the Docta? The picture of Jonah is precious and Kenzies is amazing...Good work, Alli...

Alli Fantastico said...

Tiff, I'll email you how to do it or if you call me today like...after 10? I'll walk you through it. I have a shoot this morning and it's RAINING! Ugh.

Liza, I did it at like 11 at night so AFTA you called me.

Mandy, they turned out soo good. I rolled them kind of thick so they were really soft. My new favorite recipe, tell your mom thanks for the "secret" ;)

Stace, I will!

KJ, Sick...I know huh. Oh and thanks about the pics!

Mom, thanka means a lot coming from ya. Also, I would have called you but our vonage is broken and I JUST found my cell phone. We got a new Vonage modem yesterday so my regular number is fixed. You can call me today if ya wanna.

Mandy said...

I like Jonah's as well. At first I did not because I didn't see him carving the tree. I just thought he was being funny and he was doing a "feministic" looking pose against a tree.

Alli Fantastico said...

well he is prone to those kinds of poses, but just because he thinks the ladies love that.

Eliza said...

what is the secret for the cookies? I'm making them today and I NEED TO KNOW THE SECRET!!!!!!!!!

Lyd said...

I am so sorry about your toe and stones!! I am so out of the loop because I haven't been on here that much. I should tell my friend that's a paramedic about your situation. :) haha

Those trailers were amazing! I love it. So people are just amazing at that kind of crap...and as you said it, it is an art.

Those pics are so freakin cute! I love that one of Kenzie! Cutie.

shauna said...

YEAH...Mandy, what's the secret. If you put it up here it won't be a secret any more so call me. I wanted to make them too.

Alli Fantastico said...

the recipe is on her blog!

Oh and Lyd, you should watch them all one night, they're crazy good.

ashleyO said...

i hate you.

ashleyO said...

i hate you because of not only the story but the peecha. but i love you cuz i swear only people in this family are prone to doing stuff like that! Unless you were a cheerleader and broke the same foot 87 times...dont punch me Tiff!

Um, so I was bored last night and I drew Jonah's face and it actually kinda turned out looking like him! woot!...but i crumpled it up and threw it away! love the pics...i want you to take some of me dancing in a dark dance studio with windows bringing in light in black and white....harhar. too much to ask? oh and perhaps sheer curtains blowing in the wind? jk

good luck with all your sicknessES! I have to deal with some of my own and it sucks i tell ya! Thanks to mom, I hate the doctah too! harhar

Eliza said...

yes we know the recipe is on her blog but I didn't see anything in it about "my mom said" or "the secret is..." So I wondered if there was some other than the recipe on her blog. Cause it being posted on her blog it isn't really a secret is it?

Alli Fantastico said...

no, it's just a lil inside joke Mandy and I were talking about yesterday on the phone. Her mom called her and yelled at her for putting her "secret" recipe on her blog but she was just kidding. She was trying to be like all those lame people who keep recipes secret without freely sharing them with others.

Alli Fantastico said...

Oh and Ash, I would LOVE to do those photos. Ok, it looks like I need to make another trip to Utah soon...I want to take KJ and Ryan and L, Bree's lil tummy and yours. Call meh

Mandy said...

first i did not make the comment about jonahs pic. not taht i dont like it but i would call him feministic.
second there is no special secret to making the cookies...if they dont turn out it must be the person whos baking them...j/k it was just a little joke like alli said. now everyone has the bestest sugar cookie reciepe courtsey of my mother so dont be trying to take the credit. haha
oh and i have a great chex mix recipie....alli knows what im talking about

Eliza said...

hopefully aunt Liz or Leslie H. won't read this cause they will seriously knock your face off for saying they are lame for not sharing recipes, especially when people then say it is theirs and put in in the ward cookbook as theirs. (I got your back auntie liz if you read this)

Mandy said...

oh that is exactly what happened to my mom that is why she was joking saying i put her secret receipe up. i should clarify i my post where i got the receipe from. i dont want to try and pass things off as my own.
my thoughts, unless i developed the receipe on my own than maybe i wouldnt want to share it, but none of my reciepes are my own. im grateful for those who share their receipes otherwise what would i mkae? im sure people have their reasons for not sharing and thats ok too. :)

-KJ said...

Or if Leslie makes you swear an oath not to give her recipe out if she gives it to you and then an unnamed aunt sneaks into your house and steals it and then gives it out to everyone in the ward so then Les stops making it. Yeah.
Thanks again Mandy!!! Thank your mom for us! We love "secret" recipes. Do you think you could get a hold of the Colonel and ask him for his recipe? I "crave it fort nightly."
Or how about this one, "Does anyone want any chicken? I am just going to eat the skin." Joey from Friends.
Oh yea, Alli, come! Stay here. Or where ev. No presha.

-KJ said...

I watched them all! Just look at the time on this comment post! Haha!
Brokeback to the Future was my fave! Your dad has to watch that one!

Lyd said...

Why didn't my comment post?! Anyway, I already watched them all! They are freakin hilarious.

Melanie said...

Hey! I sent you an e-mail, but am not sure that it's the one you use now!

Check all of your g-mails. I know it was one of them...then e-mail me the right address at

I heart you and hope your toe gets better.

Kisses, momma!