Monday, May 7, 2007

It's A New Week...So...

Busy busy busy last week.

Mike and the baby and I went to disneyland with Eliza, Ashley, my Mom, Susan, Lydia and miss Kjersten. Holy fun. Those girls know how to break it down and Mike loved it as much as I did. He's a sucker for funny girls, and we are a big fat bunch of them. Tay and Mandy and the boys were supposed to come, but poor lil' Derek barfed all over their car on the way up from San Diego, so they weren't there. Sad!

Keep us in your prayers, K?


Mandy said...

i am so jeolous...i totally wanted that food. i told taylor as we were driving up that was what i wanted for lunch when we got to disneyland...and then the throw up happened. cancel my order!
sorry about the job situation.....things will work out.

Alli Fantastico said...

I know it was so good. We should meet at Downtown Disney one of these days and go eat and play around.

Oh and about the job thing, I keep hearing that quote:

"The most important work you will ever do is within the walls of your own home"

This holds a lot of merit with me. I think Mike is going to go out and work. Faith preceeds the miracle right?

Eliza said...

I like how mike is in the back doing it too! Hah! You are in the prayers!

-KJ said...

It will all work out. You are in our prayers for sure.
It was soo fun to see you freaks! I am not sure what Mike thought about being the only man there! He is so cute!
Oh yes, thanks for not posting my sweet pic in front of Thunder! YIKES!
Mandy, I was sooo glad we still got to see you guys. Even though I totally got lost in the Disney store!!!

Eliza said...