Thursday, April 10, 2008

And Now, For The Real Post

Sweet Jonah -

When I was pregnant with you, your dad went on a 4-wheeler trip and left me home, and while he was gone, I started to have contractions. I remember thinking that no matter what happened, you'd be ok because during my entire pregnancy, you would "play" with me...literally. I would push against your tiny little foot (or whatever part it was) and you'd push right back. Every. Single. Time. I knew then you were going to be playful, and that you'd be my little playmate.

Every day when you come home from school, all of you kids come in first thing and tell me about your day. I need you to know that I look forward to this every single afternoon, and when that clock starts to show that you'll be home soon, I start to get excited.

Girls have always been crazy about you, and I remember a time when you were just this teensy little thing, glasses over your beautiful blue eyes, and a little girl in our ward came up to me in Primary and told me that you two were engaged. Why don't we hold off til you get home from your mission on that one, eh?

Your sense of humor comes from my side of the family. Everytime you're around your Uncle Taylor, it's like watching Big T and his mini me (you), and let me tell you, it's a hoot. There's not a frowny face in the joint when you're around, and your special talent for making people laugh is a true gift from Heavenly Father. Remember to always look for the humor in things, take things lightly that seem to burden you, and if you learn anything from me, it's to smile through the hard times. Ignore all of the bad things people may say about you, and remember that Heavenly Father and that Mike and I...we know who you really are. Nana and Grandpa, and all of your aunts and uncles, cousins and siblings...we all see who you are, and you are SPECTACULAR!

Yes yes, you may argue with your sisters and brothers sometimes, but just know this, there's not another person they'd rather hang out with than you. Casey really looks up to you, and the girls know that you're so protective of them, and that instills a special sense of safety in them. Harper think's you're the coolest thing to walk the earth, and between Mike and I, you've got a fan base to rival most movie stars. Honestly, you're such an important part of our need to know that. Just look at how many phone calls you got on your birthday!!!

Your athletic ability is amazing. You can pick up a ball and just start to play. At any sport! This is especially exciting for Harper, who is exactly like you in that aspect. Your love of science, math and sports makes it so you and Mike never have a quiet moment, and your love for good music ties us all together. Your taste in so many things, the way you absolutely ABSORB things when we take you to museums, or to art galleries, or to baseball games...this is contagious, and the whole family learns from you.

There's a quiet gentleness to you Jonah, and sometimes the sensitive part of you can be overwhelming. You've really matured into a young man over the last year. We know that you've struggled with one thing in particular, and let me tell you this; we heard from many people that your personal struggles with this issue might make you angry, bitter, not want to go to church...that your faith might fade a bit because of this person who you used to look up to, but you know what? You went the opposite way. I can't say I'm surprised, but you totally stepped up. You became closer to all of the people who DO take care of you, you understood that you can't change anyone else, and you loved the ones who love you for real, because of the example they show you. You know how to spot a good person/example...and that shows me that you listen to the spirit.

In primary, Mike and I sit during Primary in the chairs in front of your class as we sit with ours, and we hear you sing. Everyone hears you sing! Your voice carries, and your perfect pitch is so awesome, I just get so excited everytime you open that sweet little mouth of yours. (even if you and Conner and Miguel like to kick our chairs... ;) ... hehehe)

Continue to learn, continue to study, continue to value our family, and your life will be successful. Take time to carefully and prayerfully make decisions in your life, don't ever jump into things...let the spirit guide you. Listen to us, we really truly want what's best for you. We work our bums off every day and night not because we don't want to be around you, but because we want to provide you with everything you'll need to become a good husband, father, brother and son...

Just like you did in the picture above...Jonah...always choose the RIGHT.

We love you sweet boy...happy 11th birthday...


Mom and Dayee


shauna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JONAH!!! I was at the Henderson Pavillion yesterday saving seats for our Young Men and Young Women to see Savior of the World and I was trying to call you, but my phone wouldn't work out there. WE GOT HOME SOOO LATE!!!! We will see you in a couple of weeks and grandpa will take you out to get some cool stuff just like he did with Casey.

These things your mom wrote about you were amazing. You ought to print it off and read it every time you get sad and take it with you on your mission just to remember what an important part you play in all of our lives.

We LOVE you, buddy.

See you in a couple of weeks.


Taylor said...

Dats mo lock eet, Aul E.!!! I love you too Jonah, and your Mom could not have said it any better than that. I remember when you were born you were this tall skinny bird. I remember you being very well behaved and you did not mind to be held by anyone and everyone, and very rarely cried.

I love that you used to sing "Joseph and the Amazing..." What 3/4 year old would do that? and your Opera Man was fantabulous, not to mention the impression which shall remain namelss as not to offend know which one I speak of.

You are a very Kul Kat and just keep on being you...and don't change a thing! You have what I didn't have until Sophmore year, and that was confidence to be an idiot in public. It comes naturally now, but you don't have any hesitation like I had. Always try to make people laugh, it is one of your very special talents. Along with being able to purposly dancing off rhythm. Hilarious.

I hope you had a good berfdeat and I cannot wait to kick it in a couple of weeks after I am out of school. Yeah for 11.

shark like a fox said...

Happy B-day, Jon-uh-Fro-nuh

I remember when you were like 8 and your mom sent me a clip of you singing "Gravedigger" by Dave Matthews Band and I Thought you were the sickest 8 yr old in the whole world for knowing all the words to a DMB song. And now I think you're the sickest 11 yr old in the whole world.

Superman in his tights on ice!!!

-KJ said...

Happy Birthday boyfren!
Oh, I seriously can't take how handsome you are!
I hope one day we get to see you all the time! Spencer loves when he gets to see you, but that is never enough!!! Your madre and Mike love you so much and so do the rest of us!

Laurie said...

Aww sweet! Happy Birthday kiddo. :) Cant wait to meet all of you.

Eliza said...

Happy Birthday!

You and Riley had the best language of all time when you were little. I loved that you were terrified of the Genie puppet and the little purple elephant on Riley's exersaucer. You were the best shiver-er of all time. I have a great picture of you when you were little at St. George and you were a little bird, so cute! You are such a good boy and a great help to your mom. My boys had so much fun with you guys here and they can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

Lyd said...


Man, I swear that it's been like forever since I last saw you! What a hottie at you age. ;) hehe Keep doin what you're doin and listen to what your mom and Mike said. It's all true what they said and you're an amazing kid. Loves!! :)

Mandy said...

im glad my little boys have great role model cousins to look up to! happy birthday jonah!

Jonah said...

thanks evry 1
i think i should get a car for my berf day but mom and mike wont let me

i just have 2 settle for new shoes and books and clothes and i am legend and big huge books about the universe.

also i am exited to see u all in 2 weeks! i cant wait! i wish we could stay at a hotel but it is 2 much money. maybe i will mow lawns! lol

Lyd said...

haha That's a good load to "settle" on!! haha Does Cali let kids get their license at 11 now?! That's crazayness!! ;)

Alli Easley said...

he is a liar!

Lyd said...

So he did get a car?

Alli Easley said...

No way, he wishes. But he did get clothes, new shoes, books and movies. I'll get him a hot wheels car though if he wants.

-KJ said...

Hey, if you want to mow our lawn when we get one, I am totally up for that!

ashleyO said...

So now my computer is letting me comment on this post! You are the greatest buddy. You give hugs when ever I see you and whenever one of us is leaving. Such a friendly growing guy you are. Stop getting so old please! lol

You are such a great kick in the pants. And to add to Eliza's list of items that made you shiver I have to mention the huge plastic grasshopper. You didn't care for that either. haha. You are such a great brother, nephew, son, grandson, and cousin. It's amazing that someone that is only 11 can be such an example to everyone around him. Keep it up! I too love to hear you sing, even if it is "Party Like a Rockstar" or the soprano part from Mozart's "The Queen of the Night."

I got all teary reading this because every word of it was true and because I hope to have children like you one day. You are amazing Jonah! Don't you EVER think otherwise no matter what anyone else thinks. Love you lots!