Friday, March 7, 2008

Motrin + Me = BFF's

Dude, my house smells like garlic for no reason. So strongly in fact, that it's burning my throat. I ain't playin' witcha. It's horrible. We have searched the joint and come up empty handed. Weird, I know.

Oh and guess what...

Harper = 102.4°
Tiffany = 102.1°

still? STILL. When does this crap end? I ain't going to lie to ya, people...I need a nap.

also, thank you to all our awesome friends who have called to check in. you know how we loves ya!

That being's freakin gorgeous here. Weather perfection. If I had the body, I'd totally be wearing booty shorts all around my backyard for the plum blossoms to admire. You know you're jealous.


Lester said...

....if I had your numero I could call you too (hint hint) ;) I hope all the sickyness goes out the window with the beautiful weather.

Lester said...

Uhmmm that was me [Dani] and not Lester...just to clarify. After I posted I saw how that could be misconstrued ;)

Mandy said...

oh i am so in love with the weather we have been having. if i wasnt married i would marry it. :)

i hate that you guys are sick again! do you need anything? some soup, cookies, febreeze for your garlic issue?

shauna said...

Are you the only one who can smell it? Sometimes it is something in your own body that makes you smell the garlic smell. Go online an there are some other things that smell like garlic (like natural gas sometimes does as well as other minerals...) I would do it for you, but you are faster with that kind of stuff than me.

Also, check the animals. They might have eaten something outside and it is leaking through their skin.

The Parrish Family said...

I am so sorry! I hope you all get better soon and get rid of that NASTY garlic smell! I miss ya! I want to chit chat with you! Hopefully soon! Take care!

Alli Easley said...

Hey Ya'll, we're doing well, everyone seems better now, as long as we keep them all drugged up on Motrin!

Oh and Mom, the animals don't come inside so it's not them, and it's not me! Everyone smelled it. I think our neighbor may have been making something outside. Weird.

Tiff, call me. We can chat!

Oh and Dani, I'll email you.

Lyd said...

Well, it sounds like everyone is doin a little better. I hope it's out soon! Everyone is gettin sick here; I just hope that I don't get it!

And I am jealous of the weather! Actually it was a pretty nice day here, I won't lie. Mid-low 40's!! Yay for warmer weather!! :)

Little E said...

Hey Guys,
I think I know what's causing the smell in your house. It's a plant called Allium Sativum, of the amaryllis family whose strongly, pungent bulb is used in cookery and medicine. The bulb of such a plant, consists of smaller bulbs, or cloves, but when used in cooking it's sometimes in the form of a powder or flakes.
This plant smells a lot like garlic because it is garlic.
Hope this helps!

Bree :--) said...

Sorry about the sickies! That is definitely no fun! I hope it goes away really soon. It sure has been a tough year on the ol immune systems!

ashleyO said...

being sick sucks butt!!! I just had that crap! One reason why i dont want kids...sickness!!! on top of them getting teeth, cracking their heads open, potty training, controlling them at DL, etc.

yeah lyd! I get excited when it's in the top 40s was in the low 50s today...i think.

Amber said...

I'm glad you're all doing better.

So, there's plant that smells like garlic.
My Mother in law has one in her front yard. The first time I walked by it, I was like: What the?I was thinking since it's almost spring, maybe you have one of those and it's just letting it's scent out. Next time I go to your house I'll check out your plants outside and see if you have one that looks the same:)

shauna said...

That's what I was talking about. Once our cat (at mom's) ate some plant and smelled that way for like 3 months.

Taylor said...

My pee smells like dead fish. I have a urinary infection/kidney infection thanks to Derek's #2 accident in the tub the other day; Gotta love the E. Coli. I still love that guy though.

Alli Easley said...

even if he poops in your splashin' water...that's true love, I say.