Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yep. Still Pregnant.

So today I have my 38 week appointment at my OB's office. This means that we have 2 weeks until Lola is due, but in the state of Utah, this means they won't induce me for another week after that, at least. I'm ok with this for these reasons:

I don't have anything I need for the baby. Oh. That's only 1 reason but still, it's a big one. I think.

The reason I DO want her here is illustrated in this little timeline for you:

11:30 am - realize that I have to think about getting ready for my appointment
12:30 pm - think again about getting ready
1:30 pm - get in the shower so I can leave by 3
2:00 pm - get out of shower and lie on bed for 30-40 minutes thinking about how exhausting showers are
2:30 pm - blow dry hair and put makeup on
3:00 pm - cry the whole way to the doctors office because of exhaustion from putting mascara on BOTH. EYES.

Sense my apathy? How about lethargy? Ok good. Number 6 is number DONE, btw.

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