Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Stranger Speaks From The Dust

My favorite etsy shop of late. (click)

My favorite new album (click)

Also, I'm counting down the days til September 19th, which is a holiday we've celebrated for the last 6 years in this family, and I have one request for you all...on the day, use THIS TOOL to "cockneyize" (or any of them for that matter) your blog, or any text, or any site for that matter, it's for fun. Feel free to try it out right now, and be prepared to giggle. This gift I give to you...enjoy.


Sarah said...

Girl, you so CRAZY!!!

I will not tell you on this blog which website I Elmer Fudded, but I will if you CALL ME!!!!!!

It's just not right. I mean really it's not. BUT, I laughed my bootie off.

What are up to in the great SLC these days? Less meet up.

-KJ said...

Hahaha! That dilectizer site is my new fave!!!

I remember your blog last September! Too funny.

I love that jewelry. So, who's going to buy me some? Anyone?

Lyd said...

Nice! I will be doing that! And I need to get that CD! I LOVES it! haha It's quite amazing.

And I watched those Asians again last night with my roommate Michelle and we were laughing our faces off. Some of their others are awesome. And we have come to the conclusion that the one on the right is a hottie. We would totally go out with that!! hahah

-emily- said...

You're counting down to my BIRTHDAY??!?


I enjoy cockney.